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Design Your Credenza

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Are you purchasing a credenza for your office or home office? Here are a few questions to consider in designing your credenza:

What height should the credenza be? If you intend to use the credenza as a work surface, it should be the same height as your desk (typically 29" high, but measure your desk to be sure). If not, we recommend a height of 34" for credenzas. This breaks up the static height of the tables, and makes the room design more interesting than if all desks and tables were the same height.

How will the credenza be used? There are many storage options including shelves, drawers and lateral files. The options you choose will depend on what will be stored in your credenza.

Will there be electronics inside your credenza? Be sure to measure the components and make sure they will fit inside. You may need special options for the credenza like wiring access or ventilation in the rear panel.

Ventilation is often overlooked when designing a credenza, but it is critically important. Electronic equipment outputs a surprising amount of heat. In an enclosed space the heat can build up to such a level that it can crash or even permanently damage your electronics. Proper ventilation will ensure that eletronic components stored inside your credenza do not overheat.

The simplest form of ventilation is air holes or vents cut into the back panel. Your furniture designer will work with you to make sure the vents are correctly placed to provide airflow to your electronics. If the credenza will contain many components with high power output, simple air vents may not be enough and you may need to have fans installed in the back of the credenza. Either way, make sure to leave a gap of at least a couple of inches between the credenza and the wall; if the back is pressed up against the wall this will block airflow and defeat the purpose of venting.

Conference Tables in History

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Man walks on the moon and conference tables are there! Well, not really. But conference tables were still involved. Here is a photo of the Apollo 10 crew briefing the Apollo 11 crew before the first moon landing. Left to right around the table: Michael Collins,* Buzz Aldrin, Gene Cernan, Tom Stafford, Neil Armstrong, John Young.

*Remember the name Michael Collins, the only member of Apollo 11 who did not walk on the moon. He stayed in orbit in the space ship, alone, while Armstrong and Aldrin landed on the lunar surface. Poor guy!

0091-Sigma7 12.jpg

Stoneline Designs completed this glass conference table for a professional workplace environment firm in Raleigh, North Carolina. The table, from our Crescent line, seats 14 and includes a wiring trough running down the center of the table to provide power and net access for laptops. A sliding cover conceals the wiring when not in use. Our "Patterned Scratched" Glass finish complements the open, spacious feel of the conference room.


The Group of Eight (G8) Nations gather around the conference table: Stephen Harper of Canada, Nicolas Sarkozy of France, Angela Merkel of Germany, Silvio Berlusconi of Italy, Taro Aso of Japan, Dmitry Medvedev of Russia, Gordon Brown of the UK and Barack Obama of the USA. 35th annual G8 conference, July 2009, Italy.

Conference Tables in History

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Declaration_independence-resized-600.jpgOn July 4, 1776, at the Continental Congress in Philadelphia, the Founding Fathers gathered around the table to sign the Declaration of Independence, marking the official start of the Revolutionary War. The most important event of our nation's history and a conference table was there!

Happy Anniversary Stoneline!

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July 2009 marks Stoneline Designs' 21st year in business! Since 1988 we have been proud to offer high end custom office furniture and residential furniture.

President Monte McDermed founded Stoneline in 1988. When the company began we made primarily residential furniture -- dining tables, coffee tables and console tables -- with stone and glass tops. In 1989 we moved to our current location, a hundred-year-old former textile mill in historic Hillsborough North Carolina. In that year we also added our first employees, one of whom still works with Stoneline today.

During the past twenty-one years we have expanded our focus to include office furniture -- conference tables, desks, credenzas and reception desks -- as well as additional pieces for the home like bookshelves, media cabinets, dressers and beds. Today Stoneline includes seven full-time employees and two part-time support staff. We have grown over the years, but the care and attention to detail we bring to our furniture will never change. Our furniture is built by highly skilled artisans, and each piece is still designed by founder Monte McDermed.

So raise a glass to Stoneline on our twenty-first birthday! We're old enough now to have a drink :)

5239 1-resized-600.jpg

Stoneline Designs recently completed this glass conference table for a high-tech professional services firm in the Washington DC area. The client required a table large enough to seat 12, with a sophisticated look. They chose our Crescent line of conference tables with a "scratched" glass top.

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