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Case Study: Bed

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Stoneline recently completed this platform bed with built-in nightstand for a contemporary home.  

Designed in our Axis line, the bed includes steel I-beams and Maple wood for a modern look. 

the Arthurian Round Table: myth, legend, or an early conference table?
The famed Arthurian Round Table was not mentioned in writing until 1155, centuries after King Arthur's reign, and may be more legend than historical reality. Yet for over 800 years it has been a powerful symbol of the chivalric ideal. Legend has the Round Table able to seat 150 knights -- a conference table that massive would be a feat of engineering even today.

Was the Round Table real or a myth? Does it matter? The idea of the noblest knights gathered around the table in fellowship captures our imagination either way. 

(Thanks to Leave it At the Reception Desk for suggesting this entry in Conference Tables in History!)

Leave It At the Reception Desk

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Stoneline Reception DeskCheck out Leave It At the Reception Desk, a new site that highlights reception desk design. The site is focused on the UK, though they cover the US and other countries as well.  

Visit them every day for a fresh look at reception desk innovation.

Jerusalem Beige Stone

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We are pleased to add Jerusalem Beige to our line of stone table tops. Jerusalem Beige is a warm off-white stone from Israel with veining in a sweeping pattern over the whole surface. Our Jerusalem Beige stone has a Brushed finish with a 1" hand-tooled border detail. The light color and natural movement in the veining pattern make it an excellent choice for a modern office or home.

Jerusalem Beige stone is a medium hard stone and scratching can occur. Therefore, coasters and placements are recommended. It requires periodic reapplication of Mineral Oil. The frequency of application depends on use; we recommend once every two years for an occasionally used conference table or dining table. Jerusalem Beige is 3/4" thick, available up to 60x108". Larger conference table tops in Jerusalem Beige are made of multiple pieces.

Conference Tables in History

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Even Gandhi, who did without modern conveniences and lived an ascetic life, sat down at the conference table when circumstances required it. Here Gandhi attends the Round Table Conference in London, November 1931. (Note: hard to tell in the photo but the conference table is actually a large open square, not round.)

The Conference Table Personal Touch

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detail_crescentfrostedsilve.jpgA conference table is a major purchase. Many businesses are understandably leery of buying online, sight unseen. At Stoneline we create a personal relationship with all our customers to make the process go more smoothly. Before we can even quote your conference table, we talk with you to learn what you need from your table and how you will be using it. 

Once your order is placed we consult with you in more detail to make sure we are designing the perfect table for you. We ask for diagrams of your conference room and we help you with space planning if you need it. We provide detailed renderings of your table. If you are having wiring installed in the conference room, we can talk with your electrician so you don't have to pass technical messages back and forth. 

We provide installation service if you require it. If you have your own installers, we are available on the day of your install to answer questions in case your installers need guidance beyond the instructions we include with every table.

Throughout the process, we get to know you and you get to know us. Your table is an individual piece designed just for you. Here are some comments shared in the past few weeks by our customers:

I am pleased to report that the table arrived on Friday with no issues. The guys could not have been more amicable and it was obvious that Brian takes great pride in your pieces. We are THRILLED with the table. It is so beautiful and the craftsmanship is stunning! Thank you for all of your assistance through the process. It was smooth and easy and the end result exceeds our expectations.

Hi Monte/Diana, I just wanted to let you know how beautiful your furniture looks in the winery's conference room. The design coupled with the sea foam scratched glass are perfect compliments to the interior. Many thanks for a job well done!

It was such a pleasure working with Diana, Monte and Sarah at Stoneline Designs. My inquiries were consistently answered almost instantly, completely and with a sincere, personal touch. There sure aren't many companies you can call and have someone recognize your name instantly!

It was so helpful before ordering to talk to Monte personally about the use and abuse his own dining table has taken over the years and how it has weathered the storm. Most reassuring.

The table arrived exactly when you told me it would and I couldn't be happier. The design is both beautiful and functional. I can sit under the support metal bar and cross my legs easily - even without the pedestal getting in the way. The quality of the workmanship is unsurpassed.

I admit I was nervous about ordering something that expensive over the internet, but I can only reassure anyone with the same concern that they have nothing to worry about. Thanks so much to all of you!