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In 1621 the pilgrims and members of the Wampanoag sat down together to share a harvest feast. Take a moment to be thankful for all the good things in life, and have a happy Thanksgiving!

Case Study: Lectern

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Stoneline Designs recently completed this lectern for CNN's "Inside CNN Studio Tour." The lectern is constructed of Stainless Steel panels riveted to a curved Black Ash form. Wiring and microphone access is concealed inside the pedestal. Click here for more information about this lectern.

Stoneline Designs is pleased to add the Bamboo Conference Table to our line of custom designed, hand built conference tables. The Bamboo Conference Table is sustainable inside and out: the top and pedestal feature bamboo veneer, a renewable resource. The substrate is low emissions MDF, made with no formaldehyde-based glue. And the table is finished with a water based, low VOC finish.

The Bamboo Conference Table is an excellent choice for businesses concerned about their environmental impact, who prefer sustainable furniture. Click here for photos and detailed information about our Bamboo Conference Table. 

The Stoneline Designs team receives a shipment of granite for upcoming conference table orders. In this photo Brian, Rob and Mace guide a granite slab off the truck while Bart drives the forklift. granite-del-5.JPG
Stoneline president Monte McDermed (shown here with Mace) personally inspects each piece of granite to make sure it meets his quality standard.

The entire stone surface must be checked for tiny imperfections. Here Brian, Monte and Mace work together to inspect a granite slab.

Tea at the Conference Table?

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Nothing cheers up a cold day like a hot cup of tea. But it can be hard to get good tea when you're at your desk all day. The Tea Table Blog has an excellent post on how to make good tea at the office. Here at Stoneline Designs we have both coffee and tea drinkers among us. We agree 100% with the Tea Table Blog that facilities to make tea are all too rare in most offices, and that a coffee maker is no substitute. The residual flavor is so strong that your tea will taste like weak coffee, not tea.

Our taste in tea is not too refined -- no need for the gourmet stuff, we like tea bags just fine -- and we are always grateful when we find decent tea in a business setting. At your next conference, why not set up a hot water dispenser and some good tea bags on the table next to the coffee pot? It's easier to make than coffee, and you may be surprised at how many conference attendees choose tea.


Game designer James Owen Lowe incorporated Stoneline's Cessina coffee table into his design for a Half-Life 2 mod which appeared in the independent film Death In Charge. Lowe says: "The game itself is called "Blood Splattered Corpse Orgy," and will be set in a bright, cheery upper middle class suburban home. Then the player kills some zombies, and all sorts of parts fly hither and thither."

In Lowe's role as environmental artist, he designed 3D renderings of furniture for the home featured in the game. The first piece he designed was a coffee table based on our own Cessina table.


Thanks, James, for immortalizing our table. We can't think of a better setting for a Cessina table than a zombie attack. We only wish it was a real game that we could play! Next time you need a prop for a game, you might use an Axis table for your model: the steel I-beam would make an excellent weapon against zombies.
Our new bamboo conference table, the latest addition to Stoneline Designs' line of office furniture, features the wiring trough with sliding cover. The cover slides open to reveal wiring plates which can be fitted with a variety of power outlets and data ports. When closed, the cover conceals the power outlets.

Move the mouse over the image below to see the wiring trough open and close:

In this photo, Stoneline Designs artisan Mace sands the beveled edge of a granite conference table. Running water reduces heat from friction, and keeps the sander from clogging with debris. The water appears cloudy due to debris rinsing away from the sanding surface.This granite will be used as part of a multiple piece conference table top, held together with a T-bar in between each piece of granite. Mace stops frequently and measures the bevel against the T-bar, to make sure the edge of the bevel and the edge of the T-bar line up perfectly. This takes time, but ensures a perfect fit and seamless appearance to the finished conference table.mace-sand2.jpg

Conference Tables in History

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William Pickering, James Van Allen and Wernher von Braun of NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory hold up a model of the Explorer 1 rocket. This news conference on January 31, 1958, announced the successful launch of Explorer 1, the first US satellite in space.
One of the reasons we love our location in central North Carolina is the weather in autumn. Even now, in early November, we often get warm, sunny afternoons which allow our artisans to move some of their work outside. In this photo Brian details the edge of a boat-shaped glass conference table with an angle grinder.

How a Conference Table Is Shipped

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Our responsibility to you doesn't end when your conference table is made. We expertly crate and palletize your table for safe transport to your door.