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Bamboo is a fast-growing renewable resource, and has a beautiful, modern look making it a popular interior design choice for home and office. Bamboo flooring has been popular for years, and the quality of bamboo veneer has made it an appealing material for tables and other furniture. 

Many homeowners are unsure of how to care for their bamboo furniture. In general, furniture made of bamboo veneer should be treated just like fine wood furniture. 

Bamboo is as hard or harder than wood (depending on the specific hardwood). Like wood, bamboo furniture will hold up to years of ordinary use with no special pampering necessary. However, bamboo is an organic material, and it is not as hard as metal or stone. Take care not to bang sharp objects against your bamboo table, just as you would protect a prized wood table from dings or nicks. And do not allow liquid spills to sit for long periods of time.

In many cases the durability of your bamboo furniture will depend on the finish rather than the bamboo. A cheap or poorly applied finish may wear unevenly or discolor with age, while a good finish will protect your bamboo furniture and remain beautiful for many years. We use a water based, low VOC finish for our bamboo furniture. This finish requires no maintenance besides occasional cleaning with a soft cloth and if necessary, a non-abrasive cleaning product. In case of a sticky or gummy stain such as gum or tape residue, use a razor blade to carefully scrape off the stain without scratching the finish. Sometimes ice can be used to make the substance brittle before removing. Do not apply wax or furniture polish to a water based finish. If you are not sure what kind of finish has been used with your bamboo furniture, check with the manufacturer for specific care instructions.

Conference Tables in History

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This 1919 political cartoon about the Paris Peace Conference shows Georges Clemenceau, prime minister of France, inviting German delegates to sit at a conference table with spiked chairs, manacles at each seat, and platters of cactus and nettle. The cartoon reflects German fears that the Treaty of Versailles, created at the conference, would mean harsh terms towards Germany.

Case Study: Credenza and Bookcase

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Stoneline recently completed this credenza and bookcase for a private home in Asheville, NC. 
The pieces, from our Axis and Radian lines, both feature Anigre wood, cross-hatched brushed steel, and our "Scratched" glass. The bookcase and credenza work well with the client's art collection and modern design sense.

Here's what our client had to say when the first piece was delivered:

"I commend your crew. The delivery was quite professional and compact. We appreciated the phone call from Bart, zeroing in on the timing, as well as his complete and confident assembly of the unit. I guess that goes with being one of the craftsmen involved in construction. 

"That brings me to the piece itself. Absolutely beautiful, exactly what I had anticipated since I had visited your factory earlier and had seen some pieces first hand, fits into the decor of our home perfectly -- these are just a few of the expressions of satisfaction that Michael and I uttered after your crew left. I'm sure they were aware of how pleased we were, as we were oohing and ahhing the entire time they were here! A well-chosen piece,artfully designed, and constructed with quality and precision. I could go on and on. Thank you for creating this unit which we are proud and lucky to own. "

Thanks so much, it really means a lot to us. And thanks for the photos: we love seeing our pieces in such a beautiful home! 

Case Study: Bamboo Office Suite

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Stoneline Designs recently completed this custom designed Bamboo Office Suite for a client in the Chicago area. 
The client wanted his home office to feature sustainable materials as much as possible. We adapted our Axis Office line for him, using rapidly renewable bamboo veneer over NAUF (no added urea formaldehyde) MDF substrate, with a water-based low VOC finish, to construct the drawer boxes. The leg plates are 33% recycled aluminum in our Bright finish, and the I-beam support rails are also 33% recycled aluminum with a powdered finish.

The office suite includes a desk and a 3-part credenza. The credenza was custom designed to fit the angled wall in the office space, with a lowered center which the client uses as a computer desk. The desk and credenza both have custom designed drawer boxes, and our Patterned "Scratched" Glass tops, with a bamboo veneer top in the center section of the credenza and custom arced ends on the two glass top pieces.

This detailed photo of the desk shows the Bright Aluminum texture on the leg plates, Patterned "Scratched" Glass top, and bamboo drawers.