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This photo shows the Conference of the Allied Expeditionary Air Force, held in August 1944. Seated at the table (l to r): Lt Col D Heathcote Amery, Maj Gen R Royce, Air Chf Mshl Sir Sholto Douglas, Air Chf Mshl Sir Arthur Harris, Air Chf Mshl Sir Trafford Leigh-Mallory, Maj Gen F L Anderson, Lt Gen J H Doolittle, Brig Gen F L Parks, Air Mshl Sir Roderick Hill.

We recently created this granite dining table for a client in northern California:

8B9F.jpg 8BA1.jpg

The client has a beautiful modern home with a spacious feel. He chose a table from our Vector line, with simple, clean lines and a strong design to match his contemporary home design. The table features a polished absolute black granite top and a cherry pedestal. Here's what the client told us about his new table:

"The table is beyond beautiful. The design, engineering and construction are perfection. It is a work of art. I am more pleased than I could have imagined or anticipated."

Thanks so much for the photos; we love how you integrated the Vector table into your interior design. It's great to see our table in such a beautiful space!

One of the fun thing about being at Stoneline is getting to see beautiful tables take shape from raw materials. Yesterday, our artisan Bart (with help from Mace) cut a boat shaped granite conference table top, 66" wide x 16' long, from three pieces of absolute black granite. 

The process took over two hours, including careful measuring and taping to make sure the cuts were correct. In this video, watch it happen in one hundred seconds:

Cutting the sides is only the first step. Now the edges must be beveled, border sandblasted, ends cut to a similar curved shape, and finally the table, from our Vector line, will have a decorative design scored into the top. The pedestals will be made of cherry wood, and will receive just as much care and attention to detail as the top.

Last year Stoneline designed a conference table and credenza for a glass container manufacturer in Louisiana. Because glass is key to their business, we designed their table with our Patterned Scratched glass finish. It is a unique glass treatment with a sparkling blue-grey color. We just received this letter from the client:

It's been almost nine months since we received the conference table and credenza from Stoneline Designs, and I wanted to let you know how much we have enjoyed the compliments we have received from our visitors.  Since we are a glass container manufacturing facility, it is appropriate for the beautiful glass design table.  The 12.5 ft Crescent conference table with scratched glass and the beautiful credenza definitely make a statement!
It was a pleasure working with Diana and Monte.  You calmed my fears about ordering from an internet showroom.   We could not be happier with the experience and the product.

Barbara, we're so glad you're enjoying the table and credenza. We hope you'll send a photo, maybe with examples of your glass containers on the table so we can see how well they go together. Thanks so much!


We recently made a special dining table for a client in northern California. The table, from our Vector line, had a 60" round black granite top, and cherry wood pedestal. We just received this message from our client:

The Vector table was delivered and set up this afternoon. Delivery and setup were flawless.

The table is beyond beautiful. The design, engineering and construction are perfection. It is a work of art. I am more pleased than I could have imagined or anticipated.

Thank you so very much. I will use and treasure this table for the rest of my life, and no doubt it will be used and treasured equally by many others after me.

We're a little overwhelmed by such high praise, David. It means the world to us. Thanks for the photo!

Today is a special anniversary: Dave joined Stoneline's team of artisans on this day twenty years ago. Dave specializes in wood furniture, and brings decades of experience in fine woodworking techniques to his work. 

Happy anniversary, Dave! Thanks for being an excellent part of the Stoneline team. Here's to many happy returns!