May 2010 Archives

Stoneline Designs is pleased to add the Tangent Conference Table to our line of executive conference room furniture.
The Tangent Conference Table (shown above with Frosted and Opaque Frosted glass table top) features two Steel plates combined in Oval or "Scround" shapes to form the stout base that includes levelors underneath. A 4" Square central column is flanked by 2 or 4 side supports in Brushed Aluminum, Wood or Sand-blasted Steel. Round or Square tables 48" and below do not need the side supports but they can be added as an option. Sand-blasted Steel rails with integrated leveling are bolted to a top shape (oval or Scround) that caps the column and side supports. A top rail support structure holds multiple piece tops for large conference table sizes. 

The Tangent table can include either our wiring grommet or wiring trough for integrated power and data outlets. Wiring is concealed in the center column in the pedestal, and is designed to sit over a floor outlet.

This photo shows President Eisenhower's Cabinet, meeting in the cabinet room. President Eisenhower is seated in the center on the right side of the conference table, and then-Vice President Nixon in the center on the left. The photo was taken on May 10, 1957 -- 53 years ago almost to the day.

Our most popular option for conference table power and data ports is the 4" wiring grommet, shown here in a frosted glass conference table top:
The wiring grommet fits into the tabletop and includes two power and two data jacks. There is also an open space in the side of the grommet, allowing additional wires to be run if necessary. The grommet is covered by a removable brushed aluminum cover when not in use. The top of the grommet is recessed so that the aluminum cover sits flush with the surface of the table top. We polish and edge detail the wiring hole, creating a focal point of the design of the table.

The grommet is centered over the pedestal so that wires can be run seamlessly through the pedestal into the floor. A removable panel in the pedestal provides easy access to wiring for maintenance. For additional power and data ports, multiple grommets can be installed in the conference table, up to one per pedestal.