Stoneline Designs Offers Many Power/Wiring Options

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Any Stoneline conference table can include a custom power/wiring system. Electronic devices such as computer, projector, or video conferencing equipment can connect to power and data ports cleverly concealed in the conference table top. 

WiringGrommet.jpgStoneline Designs offers many different power/wiring options in all their custom made conference tables including the following:

  • Power/Wiring Grommet.   Electronics plug into two power and two voice/data ports (cat. 5) inside a 4" diameter hole in the table top. The wires and power/data outlets are concealed by a Brushed Aluminum cover cap.
  • Center Power/Wiring Trough.  A sliding Brushed Aluminum cover conceals Power and voice/data ports (cat. 5). Each sliding cover includes 2 power and 2 voice/data ports. Additional wiring and power or data outlets are easily accomodated for greater electronic conferencing needs.
  • Pop-up Power/Wiring Box. (Crescent table only) Four power outlets and four voice/data ports (cat. 5) inside a 5" diameter wiring box which raises up out of the table top, and pops down for concealment. Pop-up wiring box is accessed from both sides of table. Electronics and power cables are run through the pedestal, typically to power outlets in the floor.
  • Flip-up Power/Wiring Box, Side Access. Electronics plug into one power outlet, two voice/data ports (cat. 5), audio port and VGA port inside a 5" diameter wiring box which raises out of the table top, and pops down for concealment. Wiring access from one side of flip-up box only.
  • Pass-through Power/Wiring Hole. An economical alternative, the pass-through wiring hole is simply a channel in the table pedestal in which the customer's own wires, electrical and power cables can be run. The wiring hole is covered by a removable 2" diameter cap.
  • Wiring in Pedestal. When the table design includes a pedestal, the wiring grommet or pop-up box will be centered over the pedestal, concealing wires, electrical and power cables within for a seamless, professional appearance. Many conference rooms include a power outlet in the floor under the table pedestal, making power cables and electrical wires completely invisible.
  • Wiring Column. If the table design does not feature a pedestal, a wiring column is placed between leg plates to conceal wires, electrical and power cables. Click here for photo of a wiring column in an Axis conference table.

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