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Stoneline Designs is pleased to announce the newest addtition to our Tangent line of products.  We now offer a single pedestal base for table tops from 36" to 66".
Pictured above is the new Tangent Pedestal base in a "scround" shaped.  It is crafted in a combination of Sandblasted Steel and Black Powder Coated Steel.  It has a clear 48" diameter glass top.  Doesn't this make a striking statement for a contemporary setting!

Conference room design

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I found a great site today that gives several examples of different ways to set up a meeting or conference room.  

Three of the styles that I liked are:

Boardroom Style

This is the classic style that most are familiar with.  A large oval or rectangular table is surrounded by chairs on both sides and ends. Most Board of Director meetings, and committee meetings use this style.  This set up promotes interaction during the meeting.  Stoneline Designs boat shaped conference tables are slightly rounded on the longer sides to provide a better line of sight between the conference attendees. 

Frosted Glass Conference Table

U Shape

A grouping of conference tables are set up in a U shape. The chairs are placed on the outside.  This style is good for discussion groups, committee meetings and  audio-video presentations.  Make sure there is a minimum of 24" of space per person.

Hollow Design

Several tables are arranged in a square or rectangle with a center opening.  The chairs are place around the outside of the tables.  This set up is good for large meetings, especially if a larger table is not available.  When set up as a square, this layout provides good visual lines for each person in attendance. 

Of course, we believe the best way to seat a large group is by using one of  Stoneline's many large conference tables.  We custom build conference tables in sizes from 7' to 30' and beyond!

Check out www.conference-coordinator.com for more conference and meeting room layouts.