Brushed Steel: Character is in the Details

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Stoneline's Axis and Radian lines feature brushed steel leg plates for a bold, modern look. Our steel plates are hot rolled: at the mill, molten steel is passed through rollers to flatten & shape the bar of steel. The rollers leave unpredictable character on the steel surface, often in a linear pattern. This is due to bits of slag being pressed through the rollers on top of the steel plate. 

We rub over and highlight this character with our regimented scratching technique, to create our Cross-Hatch and Light Cross-Hatch steel finishes. Our cross-hatch finish dominates the look, though the underlying texture will be visible on each leg plate. 

Occasionally our clients prefer a pristine cross-hatch design with no unpredictable texture. In those cases, for an additional charge we can use cold-pressed steel for our leg plates. Cold pressing does not create slag to leave marks on the steel. 

However, we encourage our customers to see the texture from hot pressing as we do: one of the details that make our tables special. Not a flaw but character that makes the table unique. 

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