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This modern conference table is from Stoneline Designs' Tangent line. It was custom built for a large church in Baltimore, Maryland.  The Tangent line combines a steel and aluminum base with either a glass or stone top.  This customer chose our beautiful Absolute Black Granite table top with 4 integrated data/wiring ports.

The elegant design of the conference table looks great with the clean lines of the room. We hope you enjoy the table for years to come.

See the table assembled below.


Watch below as the granite table top is installed onto its base.  The large granite table top is made from our Absolute Black Granite with a polished finish.  The Tangent Conference table is also available with a glass top. Press play to start.


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Before shipping a custom designed table, our artisans assemble the table and make any adjustments necessary to make sure all the parts fit together perfectly.

For this oval conference table with brushed steel base and granite top, the process took artisans Rob, Bart, Mace and Brian almost three hours. Now watch it happen in thirty seconds! Press "play" to begin the slide show:


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Granite is a very hard and durable stone, making it a popular choice for home and office. Stoneline Designs offers Absolute Black Granite in two finishes, Polished and Honed. Today we'll look at the Polished finish.

Polished Absolute Black Granite is a glossy finish which leaves the stone surface impervious to liquids and resistant to scratching. It is an excellent choice for high use applications like a family dinner table or kitchen countertops, and also attractive as a formal dining table, conference table or occasional table.

No maintenance is required for a Polished granite table top. To clean the table top, simply wipe off with a sponge and water. Dish soap or window cleaner can also be used when necessary.

Stoneline Designs' Absolute Black Granite is a deep black stone from Zimbabwe with no veining and consistent coloring. A 1" sandblasted border and edge detail is standard on all our granite table tops. Standard granite width is 3/4" thick. Stoneline produces granite table tops in any size up to 66x116". (72" width and 120" length as available.) Larger table tops are built in multiple sections, up to 30 feet long.


As more and more homeowners create "outdoor room environments," placing a granite table outside seems like a natural. After all, granite is a durable material, and granite monuments can remain outdoors for hundreds of years. A granite dining table or cocktail table can add the perfect touch to an outdoor living space. There are a few factors to consider before purchasing a granite table for outdoor use:

What is the granite finish? Polished granite is a hard finish which can withstand exposure to the elements. On the other hand, honed granite is much more porous and more likely to stain. Honed granite is not recommended for outdoor use.

Will the granite table be exposed to sunlight? Many granites are treated with a resin to smooth out the surface. This resin is invisible, and as durable as the stone under normal conditions. However, under constant exposure to sunlight the resin will discolor and will eventually create a yellow cast in the granite. Because of this, we do not recommend granite in a location where it will be exposed to full sun.

How much maintenance are you willing to do? Polished granite typically requires almost no maintenance. However, when used outdoors you may choose to seal the granite for additional protection. In addition, if you place your dining table or cocktail table in a shady location to reduce sun exposure, you may find yourself frequently cleaning up pollen, tree sap, bird droppings, etc.

Can the table base be used outside? Be sure that your table base is designed for outdoor use. Direct exposure to the elements as well as the increased humidity outdoors can be a problem. Some metals are more rust-resistant than others; make sure you know all the materials your table is constructed from before placing it outdoors.

Of course all of the factors above depend on your local climate. If you live in an arid region like the Southwest, you will have much more leeway in placing a granite table outdoors. If you live on the coast, salt in the air will be yet another issue.

StonelineDesigns, Inc. creates beautiful office furniture using wood, steel, glass and stone. Our stone topped conference tables are very popular for both home and executive offices. Following are descriptions of some of our most popular types of stone, slate and granite.

Absolute Black Granite

Honed or Polished Finish



Absolute Black Granite is one of the most popular materials that Stoneline Designs, Inc. uses for its custom made office furniture. It is a deep Black stone from Zimbabwe with no veining and consistent coloring. It is available in both a honed finish and a highly polished finish. A 1" sandblasted border and edge detail is standard. A very hard and durable stone. The polished finish requires no maintenance while the Honed finish require occasional reapplication of Mineral Oil. Frequency depends on use but approximately once a year for a moderately used dining table.

Benjamin Grey Stone



The Benjamin Grey Stone is a Warm Grey Stone from Jerusalem with soft veining in a sweeping pattern over the whole surface. It has a Honed (satin) finish with a 1" hand-tooled border detail. It is a medium hard stone and scratching can occur. Therefore, coasters and placemats are recommended. Requires periodic reapplication of Mineral Oil. Frequency depends on use but approximately once every 2 years for an occasionally used dining table.

Cleft Black Slate



Our Cleft Black Slate is a black stone from Italy with consistent coloring. The stone is split (cleft) to provide a rough, textured surface. A 1" hand-tooled border detail is standard. This material is appropriate for infrequently used, formal dining tables or occasional tables (End, Coffee & Console Tables). It is a medium soft stone and scratching can occur. Therefore, coasters and placemats are recommended. It requires periodic reapplication of the final oil finish used in the sealing process. Frequency depends on use, but we recommend approximately once every 2 years for an occasionally used dining table.

Stoneline Designs recently completed this granite conference table for a law firm in Las Vegas, NV. 
The conference table, from our Crescent line, features a boat shaped top in polished absolute black granite. Power and data ports are hidden in a wiring channel with sliding covers along the center of the table. Stainless steel panels on the pedestal are removable for wiring access.

We recently created this granite dining table for a client in northern California:

8B9F.jpg 8BA1.jpg

The client has a beautiful modern home with a spacious feel. He chose a table from our Vector line, with simple, clean lines and a strong design to match his contemporary home design. The table features a polished absolute black granite top and a cherry pedestal. Here's what the client told us about his new table:

"The table is beyond beautiful. The design, engineering and construction are perfection. It is a work of art. I am more pleased than I could have imagined or anticipated."

Thanks so much for the photos; we love how you integrated the Vector table into your interior design. It's great to see our table in such a beautiful space!

One of the fun thing about being at Stoneline is getting to see beautiful tables take shape from raw materials. Yesterday, our artisan Bart (with help from Mace) cut a boat shaped granite conference table top, 66" wide x 16' long, from three pieces of absolute black granite. 

The process took over two hours, including careful measuring and taping to make sure the cuts were correct. In this video, watch it happen in one hundred seconds:

Cutting the sides is only the first step. Now the edges must be beveled, border sandblasted, ends cut to a similar curved shape, and finally the table, from our Vector line, will have a decorative design scored into the top. The pedestals will be made of cherry wood, and will receive just as much care and attention to detail as the top.

We recently made a special dining table for a client in northern California. The table, from our Vector line, had a 60" round black granite top, and cherry wood pedestal. We just received this message from our client:

The Vector table was delivered and set up this afternoon. Delivery and setup were flawless.

The table is beyond beautiful. The design, engineering and construction are perfection. It is a work of art. I am more pleased than I could have imagined or anticipated.

Thank you so very much. I will use and treasure this table for the rest of my life, and no doubt it will be used and treasured equally by many others after me.

We're a little overwhelmed by such high praise, David. It means the world to us. Thanks for the photo!

We recently made a couple of special pieces for an orthopedic surgeon in Pullman, WA: a large custom designed display cabinet, and matching credenza with Blue Pearl granite top. We consulted with the client extensively to design furniture that would be perfect for his office. We just received this message:

Hello Diana and Monte,

I just wanted to get a quick note off to let you know that the credenza and display cabinet arrived just fine yesterday. It was delivered on a truck with the lift gate which allowed it to be deposited at our front door. With the installer who helped during our office construction we managed to break down the extremely well constructed shipping crates which withstood the vigors of the cross country trip with no damage. The quality of the crates was an indication of what was to come.  

All the pieces were free of any damage including the specially requested granite top for the credenza which is just beautiful. The media cabinet required the muscles of a couple of electricians who were working on another suite in our building but with their help we got it into my office without incident.  We got the shelves and doors installed and they all fit perfectly.  The lighting in the cabinet works just fine and the glass shelves are beautiful, and with the mirrored back, will show off the Steuben glass to maximum effect.

The brushed stainless steel is flawless and has a very nice crisp appearance which is just what I was looking for. It contrasts very nicely with the light stained ash. The sizes of the pieces look excellent in the office, not being too big or too small. Monte, I appreciate your judgment call on the hardware. The sandblasted lock looks great with the door hinges and both complement the look of the stainless steel side panels very well.

You have been super people to work with throughout this whole project. Everything was extremely professional and I appreciated your patience as we worked out all the details as to dimensions and finish. You obviously take great pride in your work and have every reason to be what with the outstanding quality of the materials you select and the skill with which you fashion them. Thank you very much! I'm very glad that I came across your site on the internet while looking for furniture for my office. --Charles

Thanks so much, Charles. We're glad you came across our site too! We hope you'll send a photo so we can see the credenza and display cabinet in their new home.

Granite Streaks

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We received this question from a reader:

Q. Today a Zimbabwe granite counter was installed in our kitchen. It was thereafter cleaned by a house cleaning company, I presume with regular cleaning material. Afterwards it showed stripes which we can't get out anymore. We only tried with water, as we did not dare to use any strong material. Please advise if and how we can solve this.

A. You will need to ask your stone fabricator as they probably used a sealer on the stone and you will want to make sure that the cleaning products you use are compatible with their sealer. On stone finished with our sealer, we use a glass cleaning product (Windex) for difficult streaks.

This four inch diameter hole in a granite conference table will be fitted with a wiring grommet which holds 2 power and 2 data outlets under a removable cover. 

Even the inside of a wiring hole, which is not seen by anyone once the wiring is in place, receives the same attention to detail as every aspect of our furniture. The inside of the hole has been sandblasted, beveled on the edge, and polished to match the top.


The Stoneline Designs team receives a shipment of granite for upcoming conference table orders. In this photo Brian, Rob and Mace guide a granite slab off the truck while Bart drives the forklift. granite-del-5.JPG
Stoneline president Monte McDermed (shown here with Mace) personally inspects each piece of granite to make sure it meets his quality standard.

The entire stone surface must be checked for tiny imperfections. Here Brian, Monte and Mace work together to inspect a granite slab.

In this photo, Stoneline Designs artisan Mace sands the beveled edge of a granite conference table. Running water reduces heat from friction, and keeps the sander from clogging with debris. The water appears cloudy due to debris rinsing away from the sanding surface.This granite will be used as part of a multiple piece conference table top, held together with a T-bar in between each piece of granite. Mace stops frequently and measures the bevel against the T-bar, to make sure the edge of the bevel and the edge of the T-bar line up perfectly. This takes time, but ensures a perfect fit and seamless appearance to the finished conference table.mace-sand2.jpg
The wiring grommet is our most popular option for adding wiring/power to a conference table. A 4" hole is cut into the table top, and fitted with a wiring grommet including 2 power and 2 phone/data jacks. The grommet includes a removable cap and is positioned over the pedestal so that wires can be concealed within the pedestal.

In these photos, Stoneline Designs artisan Mace uses a drill press with a diamond bit to cut a grommet hole in a granite conference table top. The table is a multiple piece top, so the grommet must be positioned exactly over the break between two pieces. Clamps hold the pieces secure so they do not shift during the cutting process.

Cutting each hole requires a steady hand, and takes 10-15 minutes for a granite top, longer for glass. Plus the time to measure and position the hole, and secure the pieces and tools in place.

Running water keeps the diamond bit cool as it cuts through the granite stone. Without water the heat generated by friction would cause the bit to expand and possibly shatter. 

The finished hole! Even the inside of a wiring hole, which no one will see, receives the same care and attention to detail as all parts of our tables: it will be sandblasted inside, beveled on the edge, polished to match the top, and then fitted with the grommet.