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Choose Your Dining Table

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A formal dining table can be a major purchase. Before you buy, think about what you want from your dining table and how it will fit into your lifestyle.

Size is the first issue most people think of when shopping for a dining table, and it isn't always as simple as it might seem. Of course you must measure your dining room, to make sure the new table will fit. We recommend a minimum of 42" around the dining table on all sides. This leaves room for chairs and to move around the room. 

Also consider how many people will sit around the table, both at everyday family meals and at special events. Do you throw large dinner parties, frequently enough that your table needs to accommodate 12 people or even more on a regular basis? Or does an event like that only happen once in a blue moon? This will affect the size of table you need.

If you plan to use the same dining table both for intimate family meals and for large gatherings, we recommend removing most of the chairs from the table for everyday use. Two or three people clustered at the end of a massive dining table, staring at a row of empty chairs, can feel lonely and distancing. Removing the extra chairs will help make the table feel like a comfortable size for the family. 

Will your table be used for other purposes besides meals? How? Will the kids do their homework at the dining table, and need room to spread out? Are there any social clubs or study groups which will meet in your dining room? Or perhaps a family member, lacking a dedicated craft room, will use the dining table for project workspace. (Be sure your family crafter protects the tabletop before using glue, markers or tools!) Consider all these possible uses when choosing the size and style of your dining table. A dining room which is rarely used except for special occasion meals will be much more formal and sophisticated than an informal space which is used for everyday family meals. 
Check out the newest addition to our Xena line.

The modern coffee table pictured is crafted in cherry wood with a "scratched" glass shelf and a clear glass top.  This table would look great in an executive reception area as well as a contemporary home.
Our Xena line of  tables are constructed in solid wood of Cherry,  Natural, White or Black Ash.  All of the tables are offered with Clear, Frosted or "Scratched" Glass tops and shelfs. 

As more and more homeowners create "outdoor room environments," placing a granite table outside seems like a natural. After all, granite is a durable material, and granite monuments can remain outdoors for hundreds of years. A granite dining table or cocktail table can add the perfect touch to an outdoor living space. There are a few factors to consider before purchasing a granite table for outdoor use:

What is the granite finish? Polished granite is a hard finish which can withstand exposure to the elements. On the other hand, honed granite is much more porous and more likely to stain. Honed granite is not recommended for outdoor use.

Will the granite table be exposed to sunlight? Many granites are treated with a resin to smooth out the surface. This resin is invisible, and as durable as the stone under normal conditions. However, under constant exposure to sunlight the resin will discolor and will eventually create a yellow cast in the granite. Because of this, we do not recommend granite in a location where it will be exposed to full sun.

How much maintenance are you willing to do? Polished granite typically requires almost no maintenance. However, when used outdoors you may choose to seal the granite for additional protection. In addition, if you place your dining table or cocktail table in a shady location to reduce sun exposure, you may find yourself frequently cleaning up pollen, tree sap, bird droppings, etc.

Can the table base be used outside? Be sure that your table base is designed for outdoor use. Direct exposure to the elements as well as the increased humidity outdoors can be a problem. Some metals are more rust-resistant than others; make sure you know all the materials your table is constructed from before placing it outdoors.

Of course all of the factors above depend on your local climate. If you live in an arid region like the Southwest, you will have much more leeway in placing a granite table outdoors. If you live on the coast, salt in the air will be yet another issue.

Stoneline Designs has decided to name our newest line of residential tables "The Meridian".  We have added photos and information about the Meridian line on our website.  These sturdy tables have thick wooden bases, and like all the custom made tables we carry, you can order yours with optional glass, stone or wooden tops.  Check out The Meridian for more information on these exclusive tables.Meridian_roundtable.jpg
Pictured: the Meridian 60" Dining Table with Dark Wooden Base
Introducing the latest collection available from Stoneline Designs.  This new residential line features heavy solid wooden legs and a top rail support that shows through the glass table top.

One interesting option for this line is sand blasted wood which raises the grain.  This creates a rustic look to the tables.  We are currently offering this design as Dining tables, Coffee tables, Console tables and End tables.  Look for more info on this exciting news in the near future.

Case Study: Credenza and Bookcase

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Stoneline recently completed this credenza and bookcase for a private home in Asheville, NC. 
The pieces, from our Axis and Radian lines, both feature Anigre wood, cross-hatched brushed steel, and our "Scratched" glass. The bookcase and credenza work well with the client's art collection and modern design sense.

Here's what our client had to say when the first piece was delivered:

"I commend your crew. The delivery was quite professional and compact. We appreciated the phone call from Bart, zeroing in on the timing, as well as his complete and confident assembly of the unit. I guess that goes with being one of the craftsmen involved in construction. 

"That brings me to the piece itself. Absolutely beautiful, exactly what I had anticipated since I had visited your factory earlier and had seen some pieces first hand, fits into the decor of our home perfectly -- these are just a few of the expressions of satisfaction that Michael and I uttered after your crew left. I'm sure they were aware of how pleased we were, as we were oohing and ahhing the entire time they were here! A well-chosen piece,artfully designed, and constructed with quality and precision. I could go on and on. Thank you for creating this unit which we are proud and lucky to own. "

Thanks so much, it really means a lot to us. And thanks for the photos: we love seeing our pieces in such a beautiful home! 
Game designer James Owen Lowe incorporated Stoneline's Cessina coffee table into his design for a Half-Life 2 mod which appeared in the independent film Death In Charge. Lowe says: "The game itself is called "Blood Splattered Corpse Orgy," and will be set in a bright, cheery upper middle class suburban home. Then the player kills some zombies, and all sorts of parts fly hither and thither."

In Lowe's role as environmental artist, he designed 3D renderings of furniture for the home featured in the game. The first piece he designed was a coffee table based on our own Cessina table.


Thanks, James, for immortalizing our table. We can't think of a better setting for a Cessina table than a zombie attack. We only wish it was a real game that we could play! Next time you need a prop for a game, you might use an Axis table for your model: the steel I-beam would make an excellent weapon against zombies.

Case Study: Bed

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Stoneline recently completed this platform bed with built-in nightstand for a contemporary home.  

Designed in our Axis line, the bed includes steel I-beams and Maple wood for a modern look.