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Metal Office Furniture Care and Maintenance


Metal is a hard, durable material, and furniture made of metal typically requires far less maintenance than wood. Use these tips to get the most from your metal furniture.

Brushed Steel
Brushed Steel leg plates are finished with a Hand rubbed Oil finish and sealed with a Clear Satin Conversion Varnish finish. With normal use the finish and sealer should never need to be reapplied. Brushed Steel is subject to corrosion, therefore we do not recommend outdoor use in coastal areas, or exposure to rain. 

During processing at the mill, molten Steel is passed through rollers to flatten & shape the bar of Steel into a 1/2" inch thick plate. The rollers leave unpredictable character on the Steel surface, often in a linear pattern. We rub over and highlight this character with our regimented scratching, but each leg plate will retain the underlying character from the hot rolling process. The bottom of leg plates have a Cork barrier applied to protect floors. Stoneline uses Brushed Steel in the Axis and Radian table lines.

Stainless Steel
Stainless Steel panels are systematically brushed with a horizontal line pattern. As stainless Steel does not oxidize, no finish is necessary. However, both the Quadrant and Crescent table lines, which use Stainless Steel, also include wooden components. So we do not recommend locating these tables where they will be exposed to rain.

A cross-hatch pattern is hand scratched into the surface of 5/8" Aluminum plate. The scratch finish is on the pedestal part of the Vector table only. Solid Aluminum crossbars have a brushed texture and a Clear Satin Conversion Varnish finish. With normal use, the finish should never need to be reapplied. Aluminum is subject to corrosion from water, though not to the same degree as Brushed Steel. Therefore we do not recommend outdoor use in coastal areas, or exposure to rain. Stoneline uses Aluminum in the Vector table line.

Stoneline Designs' Quadrant line features brushed steel panels riveted to a wooden frame. 

Stainless steel is known for its ability to be a clean surface that resists corrosion and rust.  Stainless steel responds well to cleaning as long as certain rules are followed.

  • Routine cleaning can be accomplished by buffing with a soft cloth. This is the least risky option for cleaning our stainless steel products.  Wipe in the directions of the polish lines.
  • If you've had staining or need to polish your stainless steel, a stainless steel cleaner may be a good option.  Some of these cleaners and polishes can help minimize scratching and remove stains.  They also can polish stainless steel surfaces nicely.  Read the directions on the stainless steel cleaner and test in an inconspicuous spot.  Be sure to rinse thoroughly and towel dry.  After cleaning you should reapply a protective wax.  Stoneline Designs uses and recommends Gleem by Saffelle.  This product is a cleaner which contains a wax to protect the surface.  All of our stainless steel tables are cleaned and polished with this before shipping. 

Pictured above is Stoneline Designs' Quadrant Conference Table with brushed steel panels on a Maple frame.  The large conference table top is made from our Patterned "Scratched" Glass.  Companion pieces such as credenzas, pedestals, media cabinets, consoles and dining tables are also available.

Case Study: Lectern

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Stoneline Designs recently completed this lectern for CNN's "Inside CNN Studio Tour." The lectern is constructed of Stainless Steel panels riveted to a curved Black Ash form. Wiring and microphone access is concealed inside the pedestal. Click here for more information about this lectern.

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Stoneline Designs completed this glass conference table for a professional workplace environment firm in Raleigh, North Carolina. The table, from our Crescent line, seats 14 and includes a wiring trough running down the center of the table to provide power and net access for laptops. A sliding cover conceals the wiring when not in use. Our "Patterned Scratched" Glass finish complements the open, spacious feel of the conference room.

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Stoneline Designs recently completed this glass conference table for a high-tech professional services firm in the Washington DC area. The client required a table large enough to seat 12, with a sophisticated look. They chose our Crescent line of conference tables with a "scratched" glass top.

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