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Stoneline Designs has decided to name our newest line of residential tables "The Meridian".  We have added photos and information about the Meridian line on our website.  These sturdy tables have thick wooden bases, and like all the custom made tables we carry, you can order yours with optional glass, stone or wooden tops.  Check out The Meridian for more information on these exclusive tables.Meridian_roundtable.jpg
Pictured: the Meridian 60" Dining Table with Dark Wooden Base
Introducing the latest collection available from Stoneline Designs.  This new residential line features heavy solid wooden legs and a top rail support that shows through the glass table top.

One interesting option for this line is sand blasted wood which raises the grain.  This creates a rustic look to the tables.  We are currently offering this design as Dining tables, Coffee tables, Console tables and End tables.  Look for more info on this exciting news in the near future.

We recently created this granite dining table for a client in northern California:

8B9F.jpg 8BA1.jpg

The client has a beautiful modern home with a spacious feel. He chose a table from our Vector line, with simple, clean lines and a strong design to match his contemporary home design. The table features a polished absolute black granite top and a cherry pedestal. Here's what the client told us about his new table:

"The table is beyond beautiful. The design, engineering and construction are perfection. It is a work of art. I am more pleased than I could have imagined or anticipated."

Thanks so much for the photos; we love how you integrated the Vector table into your interior design. It's great to see our table in such a beautiful space!


We recently made a special dining table for a client in northern California. The table, from our Vector line, had a 60" round black granite top, and cherry wood pedestal. We just received this message from our client:

The Vector table was delivered and set up this afternoon. Delivery and setup were flawless.

The table is beyond beautiful. The design, engineering and construction are perfection. It is a work of art. I am more pleased than I could have imagined or anticipated.

Thank you so very much. I will use and treasure this table for the rest of my life, and no doubt it will be used and treasured equally by many others after me.

We're a little overwhelmed by such high praise, David. It means the world to us. Thanks for the photo!

Case Study: Credenza and Bookcase

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Stoneline recently completed this credenza and bookcase for a private home in Asheville, NC. 
The pieces, from our Axis and Radian lines, both feature Anigre wood, cross-hatched brushed steel, and our "Scratched" glass. The bookcase and credenza work well with the client's art collection and modern design sense.

Here's what our client had to say when the first piece was delivered:

"I commend your crew. The delivery was quite professional and compact. We appreciated the phone call from Bart, zeroing in on the timing, as well as his complete and confident assembly of the unit. I guess that goes with being one of the craftsmen involved in construction. 

"That brings me to the piece itself. Absolutely beautiful, exactly what I had anticipated since I had visited your factory earlier and had seen some pieces first hand, fits into the decor of our home perfectly -- these are just a few of the expressions of satisfaction that Michael and I uttered after your crew left. I'm sure they were aware of how pleased we were, as we were oohing and ahhing the entire time they were here! A well-chosen piece,artfully designed, and constructed with quality and precision. I could go on and on. Thank you for creating this unit which we are proud and lucky to own. "

Thanks so much, it really means a lot to us. And thanks for the photos: we love seeing our pieces in such a beautiful home! 

How a Desk is Made: Detailing

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In this photo, Stoneline artisan Dave continues work on the desk he and Chuck glued up a few days before. Dave uses a chisel and sandpaper to remove imperfections like dried glue marks, and make the tiny adjustments necessary to be sure every inch of the desk meets our quality standard. He will spend many hours on this step of building the desk.desk-detail1.jpg
Every wood table, desk or credenza we make receives the same care and attention. These are traditional woodworking techniques and do not involve trade secrets or unusual tools. Just precision, patience, years of experience and the desire to do the job right. When Dave joined Stoneline almost twenty years ago, he made it clear that he didn't want to work in a place where he'd be slapping pieces together without concern for quality. He wanted to build furniture he could be proud of. We're proud too, that all our artisans share that satisfaction in their work.

How a Desk is Made: Gluing Up

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In wood furniture construction "gluing up" is the crucial step when all the parts come together and the finished piece takes shape. In these photos, watch as Stoneline artisans Dave and Chuck glue up a Cessina desk.

Metal angle brackets are used as splines in the corner joints, where strength is critical. 
Each corner joint has 2 metal splines. The pieces of the desk are labeled inside the joins, for a precise fit and so the pencil marks will be hidden when the desk is assembled.
Chuck applies epoxy to the corner joints where the splines will be fitted.
At the same time, Dave applies wood glue to the rest of the joins.

How a Desk is Made

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This Cessina desk in maple has just been glued up. Stoneline artisans Dave and Chuck measure every angle of the desk before the glue dries, to make sure the desk has been properly fitted together. The desk will be finished with a Wenge stain.

Case Study: Lectern

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Stoneline Designs recently completed this lectern for CNN's "Inside CNN Studio Tour." The lectern is constructed of Stainless Steel panels riveted to a curved Black Ash form. Wiring and microphone access is concealed inside the pedestal. Click here for more information about this lectern.

Case Study: Bed

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Stoneline recently completed this platform bed with built-in nightstand for a contemporary home.  

Designed in our Axis line, the bed includes steel I-beams and Maple wood for a modern look.