3 Pieces of Office Furniture to Impress Your Clients

Custom Designs That Make a Difference

At Stoneline Designs, we know that when you have a successful business, image is everything. If you see clients on a regular basis, you’ll want your office to have a look of success, style, and taste and with custom furniture designs from our experts, we can help you achieve just that. Here are three things that can impress and inspire your clients:

Reception Desk

One of the first things your clients will see when they walk into your business is the receptionist and where he/she is sitting. Having a stunning reception desk can make a great first impression and can set the standard for your business.

At Stoneline Designs, our custom desks can be created in shapes like half-circles, L-shapes, tiered, and more and can be fitted with beautiful tops in glass, wood, or stone. We can also include options like a transaction counter, drawer pedestals, wiring channels, and other custom features to make your desk both impactful and versatile.

Conference Table

Conference rooms are what bring people together and if you’re hosting a meeting with a client, you’ll want a room that’s influential. One of the biggest pieces in a conference room is the conference table and nothing makes a statement like a custom design from Stoneline.

Our custom conference tables are available with bases in wood or metal and tops in glass, stone, or wood to give you an elegant, unique look. We can also create these tables in a variety of shapes and sizes, so whether you need a rectangular table that seats 15 or a round table that seats 5, we can make it happen.

Executive Desk

If you have clients coming into your office on a regular basis, the first they’re going to notice is where you do your work. An executive desk shows others what kind of employee you are and with a stylish, hand-crafted design from our experts, you can send a positive message.

Your work space is important and if you have a specific vision for your desk, we can help bring it to life. We offer a wide variety of desk shapes and can use wood, glass, and/or metal to create a look that’s classic, contemporary, or a mix of both. We can also incorporate custom drawers, wiring configurations, filing spaces, and more for convenience and functionality.

To get started on your customized piece of office furniture, give us a call today.