5 Things to Consider When Building a Custom Desk

desk crescent with stone top

When it comes to office space, one of the most important things in the room is your desk. You spend hours working there, which is why it should be a piece of furniture that’s both functional and beautiful. At Stoneline Designs, we can help you create a custom desk that fits your space and incorporates the elements you need to be efficient and get your work done each day. Whether it’s a reception desk or an executive desk, here are some things you should consider when designing your workspace:


It’s hard to do your job properly when you don’t have enough storage space for documents, files, projects, or paperwork. When you design your desk, make sure you incorporate the right amount of storage space for your daily tasks. Choosing the right size and number of drawers can help you organize your work and keep your days flowing smoothly. With our Crescent line and Axis line of desks, you can add drawers and doors where you’d like so you can easily access your storage.


When you design a desk, you want to have one that’s big enough for you to work, but you don’t want to make it too big for your room. At Stoneline Designs, we can help you determine the right size desk for your space. We offer both reception desks and executive desks that can be designed in various heights, lengths, and widths. Once we know how big your room or office is, we can create a desk that provides enough workspace while still allowing you and your coworkers or visitors to move around comfortably.

Wood & Finishes

Your custom desk should be functional, but it should also be elegant. At Stoneline Designs, we offer a variety of woods that are not only sturdy and durable, but rich and beautiful in color. Choose from Maple, Cherry, Walnut, Ash, or Anigre based on the look you want and the price point you desire. We can also incorporate metal, stone, or glass features in your custom desk to personalize the look and add character. Whether you want metal legs, glass side panels, or a stone top, our Axis line of executive desks and Crescent line of reception desks are perfect for your vision.


Like other furniture, custom desks come in a wide variety of shapes, and which you choose depends on the kind of look you want as well as the kind of functionality you need. Simple, rectangular executive desks are great for small areas while L-shaped desks can provide separated workspaces. When it comes to reception desks, a U-shaped or “angled front” shape can make a bold first impression while giving you plenty of space for organization. And if you’re looking for something different, you may want to opt for a corner desk or a double-bar desk. Whatever shape you desire, our experts can help you build it.


A desk is something you use almost every day, which is why it should be made from quality materials that you can count on to last. At Stoneline Designs, we use the best materials in the industry. From wood and stone to glass and metal, we craft executive and reception desks that look stunning and stand the test of time. Let us create the perfect custom desk for your home or office. Contact us today to get started.