How We Build Wiring Features Into Our Custom Conference Tables

At Stoneline Designs, we want your custom conference table to be as technologically accessible as possible, which is why we offer wiring options that can be built directly into your table. Find out how we can incorporate wiring features:

Power and Data Ports

Power and data ports are key to readying your custom conference table for today’s high-tech applications. From videoconferencing to online presentations, it’s important to have easy access to your wiring connections.

At Stoneline Designs, we can incorporate your power and data ports into your custom conference table, lectern, or podium in a variety of ways. Below are our most popular:

Wiring Trough

The wiring trough design lets us build a rectangular or oval (trough-like) wiring area right into the table. We’ll cut out a small area in the top of your table and fit it with the necessary connections you need. Then, we’ll install a sliding cover to hide the connections and create a smooth, seamless look. After that, we’ll run the wires through the table pedestal and install removable panels in the side of the pedestal for maintenance access.

Wiring Grommet

Like the wiring trough, the wiring grommet lets us build a wiring area right into the table. Instead of being a trough shape, however, this area is round and is fitted with a wiring grommet that features two power outlets and two phone/data outlets. The grommet includes a removable cap that helps it blend right into the top of your table for a clean finish. For a step-by-step look at how this is done, visit our How a Conference Table Is Made: Wiring page.

Keystone Wiring

When it comes to lecterns and podiums, they’re shaped differently than custom conference tables. This means they require a different type of wiring design. With these pieces, we use an exterior keystone style of design. We’ll build your data outlets underneath the table top and into the center piece of your lectern or podium for easy access. Then, we’ll create a¬†finger pull/wire management access slot in the base and incorporate interior power outlets to complete your connections.

As conferences get more and more technological, we’re here to make sure your custom conference table meets your every need. To get started on your very own table with wiring features, contact us today.