Black Granite Conference Table Tops: Antiqued Vs. Honed

Stone top Conference Table, 54x150x29"h, Cherry with Honed Black Granite & a center wiring trough

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Honed Absolute Black Granite has a beautiful satin finish, making it very popular in modern home design. Unfortunately, the Honed finish is somewhat porous, and shows discoloration from fingerprints and liquid stains. Many unlucky homeowners have installed honed stone conference tables or countertops because they loved the look, and then found out too late about fingerprinting when the marks appeared on their brand new countertops.

At Stoneline we offer both Polished and Honed Absolute Black Granite Conference table tops, though we do not recommend Honed for kitchen countertops due to the fingerprint issue. We have recently learned of another granite finish which may provide an alternative to Honed: Antiqued.

Antiqued Absolute Black Granite is a textured surface which diffuses reflected light, for a satiny appearance similar to the Honed finish. Our first look indicates that Antiqued granite is more impervious than Honed, and appears not to show fingerprinting to nearly the same degree.

Antiqued granite deserves a closer examination as a possible alternative for high-use applications like stone conference tables, family dining tables, and kitchen countertops. We will post again when we have more information on how the Antiqued finish holds up to long-term use. In the meantime, keep your eye out for Antiqued Absolute Black Granite.

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