Why Choose a Boat-Shaped Conference Table?

custom conference table

While traditional conference tables are often round or rectangular, there’s a style of table that combines the best of both worlds: the boat shape. A boat-shaped conference table offers a modern take on a classic look and can benefit your business in a variety of ways:

More Communication

No matter what industry you’re in, communication is an important part of keeping your business on track. While a standard rectangular table has straight edges, a boat-shaped conference table features curved edges that allow your employees can hear each other more easily. This can improve their communication and lead to better discussions.

Modern, Professional Look

Your conference room says a lot about your business and as a focal point, your conference table makes an important first impression. At Stoneline Designs, we believe the best custom conference table is one that offers a professional look with a sleek, elegant design. With its gentle curves and contemporary shape, a boat-shaped conference table can add beauty to any conference room.

Better Line of Sight

When you sit at a standard rectangular conference table, it’s difficult to see from one end to the other without having to lean over. When the conference table curves, however, it provides a clear line of sight for all of those seated. This makes presentations and demonstrations easier for everyone to view and eliminates the strain that’s often necessary.


A boat-shaped conference table may have a specific shape, but it can still be customized to complement your room design and reflect your company’s brand. At Stoneline Designs, we can create a custom conference table that is the perfect size for your needs. Whether your meetings consist of eight participants or thirty participants, we can design a table to accommodate them.

In addition, we build our tables with the highest quality materials to create a look that’s unique to your business. With options like frosted glass, polished stone, brushed metal, and a variety of rich, beautiful woods, we can help you design the perfect custom conference table.

Improved Circulation

If your business has a smaller conference room with limited space, a boat-shaped conference table is a great option to improve employee circulation. Because of its curved sides, this style of table creates more room for individuals to get around the a room with minimal clearance.

If a boat-shaped conference table sounds like the perfect solution for your business, give us a call today and we’ll help you get started with your ideal design.