On Choosing a Dining Room Table Shape…

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Are you in the market for a new dining room table? Today’s tables come in a wide variety of colors, materials, sizes, and shapes, making it tough to know which one is best for your home. Here, our custom home furniture experts share some insight on dining room table shapes to help you choose the right one for your room.


When you think “dining room table,” it’s likely a rectangular table comes to mind. That’s because rectangular tables are the most common shape chosen by homeowners. This classic shape can compliment both modern and traditional styles and can be customized to offer a formal or casual look. In addition, most rooms are already rectangular in shape, making a rectangular table an easy complement.


The shape of an oval is essentially a rectangle without the corners, which gives an oval dining room table many of the same benefits. This shape fits well in rectangular rooms that may be smaller than usual; since it doesn’t have the corners of a rectangle, it doesn’t take up as much space. Because of its free-flowing shape, an oval dining room table also works well in larger, open spaces.


If you’re going for a more modern look in your dining room, you may want to opt for a table that’s square. This shape can add a stylish touch and allows everyone at the table to see each other. You can also choose a table in nearly any size, from a four-seater to a 16-seater. However, no matter the size, a square table can end up taking up a lot of space, so make sure your room is large enough.


Round tables are great for encouraging togetherness and communication, which means they aren’t the best choice if you need a large sized table; they’re more ideal for small spaces. (You can, however, opt for a table with a leaf that can turn a smaller table into a larger one when you host guests.) Many homeowners love a simple round shape because it complements a variety of home styles, from historic to contemporary and everything in between.

At Stoneline Designs, we’re experts in custom home furniture and can create a dining room table in virtually any shape or size you desire. We use only the best in wood, steel, glass, and stone to ensure a table that’s not only beautiful, but will last for years to come.