Custom Reception Desk with Experimental Materials

Custom reception desk with Glass & Steel, Stained cement & Gray Limestone

A Different Kind of Custom

Stoneline built this Custom Reception Desk that highlights several experimental materials and finishes, for a local nonprofit.


The charcoal gray panels with horizontal scratch lines are stained cement that is systematically scratched by hand, and framed with Blasted Steel. Additionally, a new technique for oxidizing Steel panels with vegetation as a resist, was refined for this project. A spin-off company: Spritz Steel, was established using this oxidized Steel technique for a variety of household items.

The desk was designed by the building architect, with many individual planes and  elements, that allowed for contrasting several standard Stoneline finishes (Scratched Glass, Gray Limestone) with new materials and textures that that may eventually find their way into our standard product line. We generally focus on our own designs, but that means new finishes are introduced as an option for a fully developed product line. This project allowed us to showcase a range of materials in one large desk.