How Different Woods Provide Different Looks

Quality custom furniture should be made from the finest materials and at Stoneline Designs, we do just that. We build our furniture from quality stone, metal, glass, and the most popular building material – wood.

The beauty of wood is that it comes in a wide variety of hues, grains, weights, and strengths. Each type of wood is unique in its own way and offers a different look when used for custom furniture. Here are some of our most popular woods and their qualities:


Anigre is an African hardwood that we use as a veneer for our Axis and Quadrant product lines. It’s most often light yellowish brown or pinkish in color and its grain pattern is less defined than others, giving it a somewhat uniform look.



Natural Ash

Natural ash boasts a light creamy-brown color and an open grain that gives it that classic wood look. There are various types of ash trees in the world and nearly all of them are strong and durable, making ash a great building material.




Black Ash

We tend to work with the lighter colored ash, however our ash can also be sprayed with a satin black lacquer finish to create the look of black ash. Because ash has such an open grain, you can easily see it through the finish and your black ash will still have the classic look of wood.

White Ash

We can also wash our natural ash with a white stain to give it an even lighter look. This can be done to any piece of furniture we create and can give it a clean, modern look.


Maple can be either a hardwood or softwood and can be nearly white to off-white to even a reddish or golden hue. No matter the initial color, maple usually yellows slightly over time. In addition, maple grain is generally straight and the wood’s texture is fine and even.



We offer our beautiful walnut wood in our Grid and Cessina product lines. This type of wood tends to be a medium to dark brown and adds a richness to any piece of custom furniture. Walnut is a hardwood with a usually straight grain pattern that can be wavy sometimes.



As the name suggests, cherry wood tends to have a rich reddish or reddish-brown hue and will actually darken over time. In fact, freshly milled cherry will darken approximately 20% over several years. In addition, cherry has a fine grain and a smooth texture.