Featured Product: Oval Glass Conference Table

Oval Glass conference table, modern Glass boardroom tables and contemporary conference room furniture.

A Beautiful Design with a Modern Look

This modern Elliptical Oval shaped Conference Table with our Crescent pedestals is shown with back-painted Glass in 4 sections. The Glass breaks around a center wiring trough with our medium size wiring plates under sliding covers.

The Glass finish is Patterned Silver Back-painted and the cove/ trim detail on the pedestals is Blasted Steel. Seating on the ends of an Elliptical Oval shape boardroom table is limited to 2 chairs, whereas a Racetrack Oval Glass conference table top will seat 3 comfortably. The clear border detail (referred to as Patterned) is 1 1/4″ wide and helps punch out the shape of the Oval Glass top.