Give Your Office a 2018 Update

custom conference table

A brand new year means the opportunity for a fresh start and improvement. While you’ve likely made your own personal New Year’s resolutions, why not make a few for your office, too? This year, choose a custom-made piece of furniture from Stoneline Designs that will not only boost your image, but also boost your productivity.

Conference Table

Conference tables are what bring people together – whether they’re employees, board members, or visitors. If your conference table is outdated, worn, or simply too plain, why not invest in a custom conference table from Stoneline? We offer a wide variety of shapes, sizes, and materials to help you create a design that makes a lasting impression. From inlays to accents to wiring options and more, our specialty touches can help make your conference room the ideal place to convene.


When you work in an office, the majority of your time is likely spent at your desk, and if yours doesn’t create a sense of pride and productivity, it’s time for an update. At Stoneline, we create custom executive desks and custom reception desks with everything you need for your work area. With several different shape designs and integrated feature options, our expert crafters can make sure your executive or reception desk makes an impact on both you and your visitors.


When it comes to meetings, many businesses use podiums to assign attention to a speaker. With the right kind of podium, you can not only make a design statement, but you can make your presentation even easier with features like power & data lines, wiring, speaker doors, and more. We can create a custom podium as simple or as intricate as you’d like but no matter the design, you can bet it will update your meeting area.

At Stoneline Designs, we want to help you update your office this year and with our creative insight, expert crafters, and the best materials in the industry, we can create a piece that’s both functional and elegant. Contact us today to get started.