Conference Table Care: Protect Your Glass Top Conference Table

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Here is a great article from our archives regarding the care of glass table tops.

A glass top conference table is an investment which will pay off for years to come if properly cared for. Follow these easy tips to preserve the appearance of your glass conference table top.

Clear Glass: No special care is necessary with a clear glass table top. Simply clean the surface of the glass with glass cleaner and paper towels. Do not use abrasive cleansers or rough materials which might scratch the glass. If a sticky substance like wax, gum or tape residue is stuck to the glass, use a solvent to remove it or carefully scrape the substance away with a razor blade.

Frosted or “Scratched” Glass: If your glass conference table features a finish like Frosted glass or our “Scratched” glass, special care is required. The smooth side (usually the top) can be cleaned as above. But take care when handling and cleaning the treated side.
When necessary, wash the Frosted or “Scratched” surface gently with glass cleaner and a paper towel to remove finger prints and dirt. A solvent or degreasing kitchen cleanser should not be used on the Frosted or “Scratched” surface, as they can cut through the sealer and remove pigment. Also, aggressive rubbing or scrubbing can remove tiny particles of glass and pigment from the textured surface.

A difficult smudge or tape residue can be removed from the “Scratched” glass surface by picking out the dirt from the pores with the tip of an exacto knife. Remove debris from the glass with attention to the existing scratch pattern as you will be adding tiny new scratches.

Chips and Minor Damage:¬†Nothing is more frustrating than to discover a scratch or chip in your prized glass conference table. Unfortunately, once the damage is done there isn’t much you can do to repair it. In some conference rooms you may be able to turn or move the table so the scratch does not reflect sunlight and is less prominent. Glass finishes like our “Scratched” glass, and some frosted glass finishes, create a visual texture which helps trick the eye and mask minor scratches. If the scratch is large and your table top is in multiple sections, you may choose to replace the damaged section. And if all else fails …there’s always strategically placed coasters.

Moving Your Glass Conference Table: Always arrange to have adequate staff on hand to move your ¬†glass top conference table. A large table top made of 3/4″ thick glass is heavy! This is especially important when moving a frosted or “Scratched” glass top, as the movers should take care not to leave smudges on the textured surface of the glass. Movers who are straining under too heavy of a load will be so focused on not dropping the glass, they won’t have the energy to mind their fingerprints. If the conference table is to be moved more than a few feet, or turned on its side (to go through a doorway or around a corner), use padded blankets to protect the glass.