Use a Granite Top Credenza to Serve Tea at Your Next Conference

maple and granite top Credenza

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Nothing cheers up a cold day like a hot cup of tea. But it can be hard to get good tea when you’re at your desk all day. The Tea Table Blog has an excellent post on how to make good tea at the office. Here at Stoneline Designs we have both coffee and tea drinkers among us. We agree 100% with the Tea Table Blog that facilities to make tea are all too rare in most offices, and that a coffee maker is no substitute. The residual flavor is so strong that your tea will taste like weak coffee, not tea.

Our taste in tea is not too refined — no need for the gourmet stuff, we like tea bags just fine — and we are always grateful when we find decent tea in a business setting.¬†At your next conference, why not set up a hot water dispenser and some good tea bags on a beautiful granite top credenza next to the coffee pot? It’s easier to make than coffee, and you may be surprised at how many conference attendees choose tea.

Pictured: Grid Granite Top Credenza in Cherry