How a Conference Table is Made: Wiring

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The wiring grommet is our most popular option for adding wiring/power to a conference table. A 4″ hole is cut into the table top, and fitted with a wiring grommet including 2 power and 2 phone/data jacks. The grommet includes a removable cap and is positioned over the pedestal so that wires can be concealed within the pedestal.

In these photos, Stoneline Designs artisan Mace uses a drill press with a diamond bit to cut a grommet hole in a granite conference table top. The table is a multiple piece top, so the grommet must be positioned exactly over the break between two pieces. Clamps hold the pieces secure so they do not shift during the cutting process.
Cutting each hole requires a steady hand, and takes 10-15 minutes for a granite top, longer for glass. Plus the time to measure and position the hole, and secure the pieces and tools in place.
Running water keeps the diamond bit cool as it cuts through the granite stone. Without water the heat generated by friction would cause the bit to expand and possibly shatter.
The finished hole! Even the inside of a wiring hole, which no one will see, receives the same care and attention to detail as all parts of our tables: it will be sandblasted inside, beveled on the edge, polished to match the top, and then fitted with the grommet.