How a Desk is Made: Detailing

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In this photo, Stoneline artisan Dave continues work on the desk he and Chuck glued up a few days before. Dave uses a chisel and sandpaper to remove imperfections like dried glue marks, and make the tiny adjustments necessary to be sure every inch of the desk meets our quality standard. He will spend many hours on this step of building the desk.desk-detail1.jpg

Every wood table, desk or credenza we make receives the same care and attention. These are traditional woodworking techniques and do not involve trade secrets or unusual tools. Just precision, patience, years of experience and the desire to do the job right. When Dave joined Stoneline almost twenty years ago, he made it clear that he didn’t want to work in a place where he’d be slapping pieces together without concern for quality. He wanted to build furniture he could be proud of. We’re proud too, that all our artisans share that satisfaction in their work.