How a Desk is Made: Gluing Up

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In wood furniture construction “gluing up” is the crucial step when all the parts come together and the finished piece takes shape. In these photos, watch as Stoneline artisans Dave and Chuck glue up a Cessina desk.

Metal angle brackets are used as splines in the corner joints, where strength is critical.
Each corner joint has 2 metal splines. The pieces of the desk are labeled inside the joins, for a precise fit and so the pencil marks will be hidden when the desk is assembled.
Chuck applies epoxy to the corner joints where the splines will be fitted.
At the same time, Dave applies wood glue to the rest of the joins.
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They go over the glue with a brush to make sure every join has solid, even coverage.
Now the desk is ready to be assembled.
The parts of the desk are tapped into place with a mallet.
While Chuck assembles the desk pieces, Dave applies more glue as needed.
The desk is assembled! Now clamps are added to hold everything in place while the glue dries.
The clamps are tightened over blocks of scrap wood to protect the desk.
Finally, the desk is measured from every angle. Clamps are adjusted as necessary if any of the measurements are off. This ensures that the finished desk size will be precisely as ordered.
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