Jerusalem Beige Stone Table Tops

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Jerusalem Beige Stone is a warm off-white stone from Israel with veining in a sweeping pattern over the whole surface. Our Jerusalem Beige stone has a Brushed finish with a 1″ hand-tooled border detail. The light color and natural movement in the veining pattern make it an excellent choice for a modern office or home.

Jerusalem Beige stone is a medium hard stone and scratching can occur. Therefore, coasters and placemats are recommended. It requires periodic reapplication of Mineral Oil. The frequency of application depends on use; we recommend once every two years for an occasionally used conference table or dining table. A table with heavier use will require more frequent applications.

Our Jerusalem Beige Stone table tops are 3/4″ thick, available up to 60×108″. Larger conference table tops in Jerusalem Beige are made of multiple pieces.