How to Maintain Your Stone Top Tables

stone conference table

Stone tops like Granite, Slate, and Limestone all have a beautiful, natural look to them, and when used in conference tables, they can add a striking touch of elegance and sophistication. Even though stone is a hard surface, it still needs maintenance in order to look its best and last as long as possible.

At Stoneline Designs, we recommend regularly dusting your stone conference tables and wiping up any spills as quickly as possible. Otherwise, follow these tips for regular cleaning and you’ll have beautiful stone tops for years to come:

Basic Cleaning

Whether it’s granite, limestone, or slate, all of these materials can be cleaned easily and on a regular basis with Windex and a soft cloth. You can also use a soft sponge/cloth and warm water mixed with dishwashing soap. We recommend mixing the soap and water first, then dipping your sponge and wiping down the stone surface. After that, rinse the surface with clean water and dry with a soft cloth. This method should remove most fingerprints and spots.

Deeper Cleaning – Finish Stripping

Sometimes stone conference tables develop stains and require a deeper cleaning to restore their beauty. We recommend using the “basic cleaning” method but with more dishwashing soap. If you try this several times and the stain still exists, try these suggestions. (These products will strip the sealer, only use them if you plan to re-seal the stone.)

  • Oil-based stains: ammonia, mineral spirits, or acetone
  • Organic stains: hydrogen peroxide (12%) mixed with a few drops of ammonia
  • Ink stains: bleach or hydrogen peroxide (light stains), acetone (dark stains)
  • Biological stains: diluted ammonia, diluted bleach, or diluted hydrogen peroxide

After using any of the above, rinse the surface with clean water and dry with a soft cloth, then reapply the sealer. Contact for the type of sealer suggested for different textured stone.

What NOT to Use

While stone is extremely durable and resistant, there are still some things you shouldn’t use to clean your stone conference tables. These include:

  • Vinegar
  • Lemon juice
  • Other acid-based cleaners (such as bathroom cleaner, tile cleaner, etc.)
  • Abrasive or dry cleansers
  • Abrasive brushes

In addition, don’t ever put anything hot directly onto your stone top. The use of placemats and trivets are recommended to put underneath objects that are hot or can scratch the surface (such as china or ceramics).

If you’re interested in a beautiful stone conference table for your office, don’t hesitate to contact Stoneline Designs. We can help you create the perfect size, shape, and design for your space.