Modern Reception Desks: Make a Good First Impression

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There used to be a popular commercial that said, “You never get a second chance to make a first impression.” This has never been truer than in businesses and ventures that deal with clients, or the general public.

Modern reception desks are the “face” of the business, the first physical impression of a company’s brand, and a functional place to meet and direct clients. As customers enter a business, the reception desk is a major focal point of the room, and how that business is presented to the general public. Modern Reception desks should be clutter free, in a prominent area, and easily accessible when approached. 

The overall look of a modern reception desk is going to be determined by the kind of image you want to project. No matter what that image is, there are some universal aspects that all visitors can appreciate. Quality is the first, and possibly most widely used among these. How your reception desk looks, the style, and type of materials used in its construction, are essential to making the right kind of first impression. Customers and clients alike will often base their first impressions of a company on the degree of professionalism displayed by the first major workstation they approach. A sleek, organized, and well put together reception desk can convey a great deal about a company, its reputation, and level of professionalism expected.

Closing the Deal

In businesses that involve closing deals, and building long lasting relationships with clients, an unorganized, or cheap looking reception desk, can convey the way a company will handle you as a client, and this just may be a significant deciding factor when it comes to clinching the deal. In an age where photos and reviews are shared instantly, and by potentially millions of people, creating a notable first impression can make all the difference in the world.

What Your Desk Says

A well balanced and professional reception desk and area will take advantage of the strengths and weaknesses of whatever room they are in. In smaller spaces, the appropriate reception desk can give the illusion that a smaller area is more spacious and welcoming. Whereas a reception desk that is too small for the room can give the impression of financial difficulties, or a lack of concern about presentation.  The last impression that you want your clients or customers to think is that your business is “going downhill” and needs to cut corners. This of course translates to a customer’s own business, and several will assume that you will try and cut those same corners when applying your services to that clients’ needs.

Balancing your workspace, conveying the image that a business desires the public to see, and leaving a memorable, yet professional appearance, is a sure fire way to leave a positive impression, and foster the kinds of relationships that lead to long term business. By wowing customers and clients with a quality product, excellent customer service, and a professional reception area, you are putting your best face forward and leading your business down a path of growth and success.