Arch Round Conference Table – a Modern Take on an Ancient Idea

Large Round Conference Table with a Black Granite Circular Conference Table top for sale

What’s in a Round Conference Table?

In Arthurian Legend the great King Arthur had a round table made so that none of his barons, when seated at it, could claim precedence over the others. That way everyone could speak their minds and contribute to the kingdom as equals. It didn’t matter how great at battle Lancelot was or how skilled Sir Kay was, everyone was a valid member of the team that made the kingdom great.

Just like that Round Table of lore, the ARCH Large Round Conference Table is an amazing way to collaborate. Mimicking King Arthur’s celtic crest of interconnecting arches and circles, this beautiful table stands a beautiful ‘o’ of overlapping steel, copper and glass, but adds hard geometric lines to make it more modern. The legs of the table are made of arches and surround an octagon of clear glass.  The Conference table measures 18’d x 29″h. It contains six Steel arches joined at their bases,where they cross, and are joined with a tension ring to stay stable. Six smaller arches are joined by a smaller tension ring to support the inside of the top. More arches work together to support the circular structure and the open space can either contain glass or granite. It also has a optional Copper skirt with a horizontal Brush pattern.

Sitting at a round conference table like this, combining the arches and circles of arthurian lore, but the industrial metal, stone and glass, it’s hard not to feel like a modern day knight, or even a king. Whatever kind of company you run, the tenants that King Arthur and his knights lived by are not far from your own.  At your company you’re all working for something greater, not unlike knights sitting at round tables long before you were born, why not work for that something together at a round table for the new age?

There are many ways to customize it, and if this round conference table isn’t right for your valiant knights there are many more options at Stoneline Designs. Just contact us and we’ll be sure to find the furniture worthy of your noble cause.