New Custom Lectern Added to Our Line of Modern Podiums

Custom Lecterns & Glass Podiums with wiring jacks, steel and Aluminum structure with walnut panels

A Lectern with the Power You Need

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Our newly introduced Tangent Lectern incorporates wiring in the vertical column that supports the Stone or Glass top. A door on the speaker side can house additional wiring in the pedestal cavity.

A wiring hole is provided through the base and sub-plate. The Blasted Steel frame of the pedestal frames interchangeable panels offered in Wood, stained and scratched Cement, or textured Metal. The Glass top has an Aluminum disk bonded to the bottom for mounting, and an Aluminum pencil stop on top. A new Glass treatment is also introduced on this table with linear score lines scratched into the bottom, textured side of the White Frosted Glass top. Many custom lectern sizes and wiring configurations are possible for this new addition to our line of Modern Podiums.

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