New Year, New Conference Table

A Conference Table Refresher for the New Year

Each new year, many of us make resolutions to change things for the better, so why not do the same for your conference room? If your conference room is outdated and in need of a refresh, here are a few tips to make it better.

Choose a Wall Color That Inspires

It’s widely known that colors can influence a person’s mood or emotion and certain colors are tied to certain influences. Neutral colors like gray, beige, or even muted green can be dull and depressing – and they likely have the same effect on those in the room. If your conference room is painted a neutral color, you may want to think about changing that.

From an overall standpoint, we suggest staying away from dark colors that can make the room feel confined or closed in; instead, stick with lighter tones. Soothing colors like cornflower blue or teal can promote relaxation while bright, saturated colors like scarlet or purple can promote productivity. If your business is driven by creativity, consider painting your walls yellow. And if you want to keep your conference room at a neutral color, add some energy and stimulation with pops of orange or red.

Get a Modern Conference Table That Makes a Statement

Your conference table says more about your business than you think, so if yours is old, outdated, or just plain boring, opt for a Stoneline one instead. We custom design all of our modern conference tables to reflect the personality of each business and offer a wide variety of styles. From glass-top tables to tables with brushed stainless steel panels, we guarantee your table will make a statement in any conference room. Plus, we can help you choose the right shape and size to maximize efficiency. Just call us to get started!

large executive glass conference table in boardroomAdd Some Creativity with Artwork

No one likes blank walls – especially in a room that’s supposed to encourage production and collaboration. If you don’t have any artwork on your conference room walls (or the artwork you have consists of motivational posters), consider some décor. Try to stick with the overall feel of the room, whether it’s contemporary, intimate, natural, etc. Keep it simple, however – too many pieces can make the room seem cluttered.

Let us help you find the perfect table to fit your needs and style.