Our Glass Top Coffee Tables Turn Up In the Strangest Places

glass top coffee table

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Game designer James Owen Lowe incorporated Stoneline’s Cessina glass top coffee table into his design for a Half-Life 2 mod which appeared in the independent film Death In Charge. Lowe says: “The game itself is called “Blood Splattered Corpse Orgy,” and will be set in a bright, cheery upper middle class suburban home. Then the player kills some zombies, and all sorts of parts fly hither and thither.”

In Lowe’s role as environmental artist, he designed 3D renderings of furniture for the home featured in the game. The first piece he designed was a coffee table based on our own Cessina table.

Thanks, James, for immortalizing our table. We can’t think of a better setting for a Cessina glass top coffee table than a zombie attack. We only wish it was a real game that we could play! Next time you need a prop for a game, you might use an Axis table for your model: the steel I-beam would make an excellent weapon against zombies.