Reasons to Select a Glass Conference Table, and How to Keep It Looking Beautiful!

glass conference table open center

When it comes to glass conference tables, Stoneline Design’s clients choose our high-quality ¾” thick glass tops for a fresh, lively and sophisticated look. It’s clean, modern and maximizes the natural light which enhances the room’s spacious feeling.

Choosing a glass conference table top from Stoneline Designs, helps make positive impressions on your staff and visitors. and is easy to keep it looking beautiful for years.


We recommend carefully removing all of the objects on the table. Remove any small debris off of the table using a duster or a soft cloth. This will help prevent damage when wiping the table down.

When cleaning your table top, make sure you use a cleaner specifically designed for glass. Other cleaners can leave behind streaks and residue, which can turn your table cloudy. Cleaners designed for glass help eliminate streaks and keep your glass crystal clear. The right wiping tool can also make or break your cleaning method. To reduce the possibility of streaks, use a cleaning towel that is absorbent and will remove all the moisture from your table. If you don’t have the right cleaning towel, you can also use newspaper. This method has proved tried and true for years and is also cost-efficient.

Other things to consider:

* Our ¾” glass is incredibly durable, and doesn’t require any maintenance, except regular cleaning.

* If you have large or heavy objects on your table (such as a printer or desktop computer), never drag them across your table. Instead, pick them up and move them to where they should be. If you drag them, they could scratch your table top.

* Avoid placing sharp objects on top of your glass. If you need to place them there, make sure there is a soft or padded cloth underneath them for protection.

* Avoid choosing metal chairs to pair with your glass conference tables. Metal chairs can chip the glass when they’re pushed up against it with force. Instead, opt for wood chairs or rolling chairs with padded arms and backs.

At Stoneline Designs, no matter what table shape, size or base you choose, your glass conference table will look stunning. We offer blue, green or white frosted, silver or white back-painted, and hand-scratched glass to create a custom look you’ll love. Let us help you design your perfect glass conference table today! Contact us to get started.