Stone Care: Caring for a Slate Table Top

Cleft Black Slate table top

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Black slate is a medium soft stone, appropriate for infrequently used tables such as formal dining tables or occasional tables (End, Coffee & Console Tables). We do not recommend slate for high use applications like kitchen countertops. Due to the softness of the slate, scratching can occur. Coasters and placemats are a good idea to protect your slate table top.

To maintain a slate table top and keep the appearance and color in good condition, periodically reapply the final oil finish used in the sealing process. This is a simple process: wipe on the oil finish, buff with a soft cloth, and wipe off any excess. Frequency depends on use, but we recommend re-applying approximately once every 2 years for an occasionally used dining table.

Stoneline Designs slate is called “Cleft Black Slate” because the stone is split (cleft) to provide a rough, textured surface. Our slate is a black stone from Italy with consistent coloring. A 1″ hand-tooled border detail is standard on all our slate table tops. Standard slate width is 3/4″ thick (an approximate width due to surface variation in the natural material). Stoneline produces slate table tops in any size up to 48×84″.

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