famous conference tables

See all Conference Tables The Yalta Conference, Feb 4-11, 1945. Franklin Delano Roosevelt, Winston Churchill and Joseph Stalin met in Yalta to plan the defeat of the Axis, and agree to terms of the eventual occupation of Germany. (Remember the troops this Memorial Day weekend.)

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Large Glass Conference Tables and Custom Glass boardroom Tables with Stainless Steel for sale

A Unique Conference Table Experience See all Conference Tables This photo shows President Eisenhower’s Cabinet, meeting in the cabinet room. President Eisenhower is seated in the center on the right side of the unique¬†conference table, and then-Vice President Nixon in the center on the left. The photo was taken on May 10, 1957 — 56 […]

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large conference table in history

An Important Agreement See all Conference Tables The photo below depicts the Hall of Mirrors in the Palace of Versailles. This unusual, ¬†large conference table was built to handle large meetings. The design allows attendees to gather around a central opening where the conference leaders are seated. The Treaty of Versailles marked the end of […]

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