unique conference table

For most businesses, conference rooms are essential for planning, client relations and team building. When’s the last time you asked yourself if this important space reflects your business image and accommodates your needs?

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stone conference table

Stone tops like Granite, Slate, and Limestone all have a beautiful, natural look to them, and when used in conference tables, they can add a striking touch of elegance and sophistication. Even though stone is a hard surface, it still needs maintenance in order to look its best and last as long as possible.

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Cleft Black Slate table top

See all Vector Products Black slate is a medium soft stone, appropriate for infrequently used tables such as formal dining tables or occasional tables (End, Coffee & Console Tables). We do not recommend slate for high use applications like kitchen countertops. Due to the softness of the slate, scratching can occur. Coasters and placemats are […]

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