Testimonial from Brad and Reid

A Custom Conference Table Testimonial

We’ve used Stoneline designs for tables on two separate home builds.  We could never find a contemporary table that matched our design aesthetic.  The internet was still a new and growing beast and I thought maybe out there somewhere someone was doing something unique an interesting.  This was 2002.  We love the table so much.  We were again in the market for a new dining table for our farm house and again could not find anything we liked.  The farm house walls are finished in cor-ten plating.  We again reached out to Diana and Monte to see if they could build a one-off version of their iron rail table using cor-ten instead of steel plate.  The result was an amazingly coordinated dining table.  The relationship between the table, the walls and the concrete floors is perfect.  The crating and packaging ensured we received the table in mint condition. Stoneline goes to extra lengths to arrange shipping and delivery. It was easy to assemble as well. We would highly recommend Stoneline Designs to anyone looking for something unique and of great quality.

Brad and Reid