What’s Missing from Your Conference Room?

unique conference table

For most businesses, conference rooms are essential for planning, client relations and team building. When’s the last time you asked yourself if this important space reflects your business image and accommodates your needs?

A Modern Conference Table

The pivotal piece in your conference room is the table. Is yours old and outdated? Can it accommodate your growth? Are you moving or renovating and updating your image? No matter the reason, if your conference room is missing the right conference table, we recommend looking for one with a modern design. At Stoneline, we offer custom conference tables in a variety of shapes (such as boat, oval, V-shaped, U-shaped, and even open-center) and sizes (from small four-seaters to ones that can seat 40). Start with our contemporary base styles and match with 3/4” glass, stone or wood tops – all made in the US, with high quality materials to create your ideal modern conference table.

A Tasteful Credenza

A credenza is a great complementary piece in your conference room. We can custom-build a credenza with the storage space you need while keeping the look of it elegant and classy. Our credenzas are crafted from beautiful woods like walnut, maple, cherry, and more to give them a rich feel as well as durability. And if you want to really impress your guests, we can create a credenza that features the same materials as your modern conference table to unify your look.

A Stately Podium

If your conference room sees a lot of public speaking during meetings, you may want to invest in a custom podium that incorporates helpful technological features. At Stoneline, we can design and create a custom podium that gives you a modern way to communicate. We can incorporate wiring plates with full connectivity in the riser, base, or optional door as well as a storage area for presentation tools. We can also design your podium with coasters, a microphone, or even task lighting for added convenience. Your podium will not only look beautiful, but it will be the focal point of your conference room.

An Element of Design

Whether you want it to or not, your conference room will make an impact on those who use it, so why not tie in an element of design to impress your guests? Because we design custom furniture pieces, our entire office line can be crafted to stand out in unique ways. We offer table tops in things like patterned scratched glass, Italian black slate, and rich stained wood, as well as table bases in tapers, panels, curved legs, and more to make your furniture stand out among the rest. No matter what your vision, our expert crafters can help it come to life to make your conference room ideal.

Let Stoneline Designs create the stylish, high quality and long-lasting office furniture that can provide your conference room with exactly what it’s missing. To get started on your table, podium, credenza, or another piece of office furniture, contact Stoneline Designs today.