Custom Conference Table Built for Hit TV Series, Limitless

This modern conference table needed to be large enough to seat the entire Limitless team in the FBI headquarters, so we adapted a version of our Tangent line of conference tables for their specific application. The table is moved often for set changes, so we built the top in 4 sections although it could have been a 2 or 3 piece top at that size. Re-usable Glass crates were provided for safe storage between scenes. The pedestals attach to the rail structure with 4 bolts each, and the long rails are in 2 sections that sleeve together, so the base knocks down into a concise, storable package.

The table we created is a standard rectangular shape with a frosted glass top for the two end sections and a silver back-painted top with a frosted stripe for the two middle sections.

It also features sandblasted and black powder-coated steel pedestals with integrated wiring, brushed aluminum side supports and matching gray lacquered steel rails.

This Custom built table for “Limitless” included:

Additional Options


Top dimensions: 36/42/48/54/60/72″ x 90/96/120/150/180/216/240″
Seated Table Height: 29″h. Standing Table height: 40″


Table Tops

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