AXIS modern Coffee Table

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Pictured: AXIS Coffee Table 22x48x17″h, Light Cross-hatch Brushed Steel with a Patterned Frosted Glass top.

Structural I-beams are supported by 1/2″ thick plate Steel legs, finished with a variety of Brushed textures. The 2 separate leg & I-beam structures are joined and stabilized by the weight of a heavy Stone or Glass top.

Call for pricing for a 22x48x17″h AXIS Coffee Table with a Green or Blue Frosted Glass top.

Coffee Tables: 22/30″ x 48/54″ x 17″h

Consoles & Returns: 16/18/22″ x 54/60/66/72″ x 29/32/34″h

Dining & Meeting Tables: 30/36/42/48″ x 60/66/72/84/90″ x 29″h

Clear, Frosted (Green or Blue), Back-Painted (Silver or White) and "Scratched" glass tops are available with a Clear border ("Patterned") option. Clear & Diffused Glass tops expose the table structure whereas Back-painted Glass is opaque. Conference Tables to 30' in multiple sections.
Stone tops have a Blasted or Hand-chiseled border. Options include Absolute Black Granite (Honed or Polished), Cleft Black Slate and Honed Jerusalem Limestone (Gray or Beige).
Steel I-beams have a Blasted finish while 1/2" plate Steel legs are textured with a variety of Brush patterns and sealed with a clear Lacquer. Leg plate finish textures include: "Cross-hatch Brushed" (pictured), "Light Cross-hatch Brushed","Horizontal Brushed" or "Buffed" texture. A regimented brush pattern exposes the random mill finish pressed into molten steel during the "Hot Rolled" fabrication process.