QUADRANT Contemporary Reception Desk

Pictured: QUADRANT Contemporary Reception Desk: 45x68x40″h. Brushed Stainless Steel panels Riveted to a stained Cherry frame with Blasted Steel uprights and a Scratched Glass Transaction counter. Stained Cherry veneer screen and work surface.

The QUADRANT Reception Desk with flat front panels, contrasts Brushed Stainless Steel panels with Blasted Steel uprights, a Wood work surface, and Stone or Glass transaction counters. Many size and shape options possible including attached Returns and roll-in drawer units.

Call for pricing for a 45x68x40″h QUADRANT Reception Desk with a Wood veneer work surface and screen under a Blue or Green Frosted Glass transaction counter.

Reception Desks are quoted as custom and can be modified in shape to match the application. Attached Returns create an L-shape work surface. Drawers can be specified but roll-in style drawer pedestals by Stoneline or others are suggested for versatility. Companion Credenzas or Consoles complete the Reception area.

Clear, Frosted (Green or Blue), Back-Painted (Silver or White) and "Scratched" glass tops are available with a Clear border ("Patterned") option. For a modern look, Clear & Diffused Glass tops expose the table structure whereas Back-painted Glass is opaque. Scratched Glass involves hand-scratching in a cross-hatch pattern through a pigment applied to blasted Glass, for a unique, translucent texture.
Stone tops have a Blasted or Hand-chiseled border. Options include Absolute Black Granite (Honed or Polished), Cleft Black Slate and Honed Jerusalem Limestone (Gray or Beige).
Brushed Stainless Steel panels are riveted to both sides of a Wood frame. The unique horizontal Brush pattern is applied in long strokes that stretch the width of the panel and read as horizontal stripes on the Modern Console Table.
Steel panels are riveted to a solid wood frame of Cherry, Maple or Natural and Black Ash. Several standard stain options are available.