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Do you have any comments on our products?  Are there any topics that you would like us to discuss or questions regarding the design and craftsmanship of our tables?  We would love to hear from you. 
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Stoneline Designs has decided to name our newest line of residential tables "The Meridian".  We have added photos and information about the Meridian line on our website.  These sturdy tables have thick wooden bases, and like all the custom made tables we carry, you can order yours with optional glass, stone or wooden tops.  Check out The Meridian for more information on these exclusive tables.Meridian_roundtable.jpg
Pictured: the Meridian 60" Dining Table with Dark Wooden Base
Introducing the latest collection available from Stoneline Designs.  This new residential line features heavy solid wooden legs and a top rail support that shows through the glass table top.

One interesting option for this line is sand blasted wood which raises the grain.  This creates a rustic look to the tables.  We are currently offering this design as Dining tables, Coffee tables, Console tables and End tables.  Look for more info on this exciting news in the near future.

Stoneline Designs is pleased to announce the newest addtition to our Tangent line of products.  We now offer a single pedestal base for table tops from 36" to 66".
Pictured above is the new Tangent Pedestal base in a "scround" shaped.  It is crafted in a combination of Sandblasted Steel and Black Powder Coated Steel.  It has a clear 48" diameter glass top.  Doesn't this make a striking statement for a contemporary setting!

Happy New Year

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Stoneline Designs would like to wish everyone a happy and prosperous New Year!

We look forward to serving you in 2011 and beyond.

StonelineDesigns, Inc. creates beautiful office furniture using wood, steel, glass and stone. Our stone topped conference tables are very popular for both home and executive offices. Following are descriptions of some of our most popular types of stone, slate and granite.

Absolute Black Granite

Honed or Polished Finish



Absolute Black Granite is one of the most popular materials that Stoneline Designs, Inc. uses for its custom made office furniture. It is a deep Black stone from Zimbabwe with no veining and consistent coloring. It is available in both a honed finish and a highly polished finish. A 1" sandblasted border and edge detail is standard. A very hard and durable stone. The polished finish requires no maintenance while the Honed finish require occasional reapplication of Mineral Oil. Frequency depends on use but approximately once a year for a moderately used dining table.

Benjamin Grey Stone



The Benjamin Grey Stone is a Warm Grey Stone from Jerusalem with soft veining in a sweeping pattern over the whole surface. It has a Honed (satin) finish with a 1" hand-tooled border detail. It is a medium hard stone and scratching can occur. Therefore, coasters and placemats are recommended. Requires periodic reapplication of Mineral Oil. Frequency depends on use but approximately once every 2 years for an occasionally used dining table.

Cleft Black Slate



Our Cleft Black Slate is a black stone from Italy with consistent coloring. The stone is split (cleft) to provide a rough, textured surface. A 1" hand-tooled border detail is standard. This material is appropriate for infrequently used, formal dining tables or occasional tables (End, Coffee & Console Tables). It is a medium soft stone and scratching can occur. Therefore, coasters and placemats are recommended. It requires periodic reapplication of the final oil finish used in the sealing process. Frequency depends on use, but we recommend approximately once every 2 years for an occasionally used dining table.

Any Stoneline conference table can include a custom power/wiring system. Electronic devices such as computer, projector, or video conferencing equipment can connect to power and data ports cleverly concealed in the conference table top. 

WiringGrommet.jpgStoneline Designs offers many different power/wiring options in all their custom made conference tables including the following:

  • Power/Wiring Grommet.   Electronics plug into two power and two voice/data ports (cat. 5) inside a 4" diameter hole in the table top. The wires and power/data outlets are concealed by a Brushed Aluminum cover cap.
  • Center Power/Wiring Trough.  A sliding Brushed Aluminum cover conceals Power and voice/data ports (cat. 5). Each sliding cover includes 2 power and 2 voice/data ports. Additional wiring and power or data outlets are easily accomodated for greater electronic conferencing needs.
  • Pop-up Power/Wiring Box. (Crescent table only) Four power outlets and four voice/data ports (cat. 5) inside a 5" diameter wiring box which raises up out of the table top, and pops down for concealment. Pop-up wiring box is accessed from both sides of table. Electronics and power cables are run through the pedestal, typically to power outlets in the floor.
  • Flip-up Power/Wiring Box, Side Access. Electronics plug into one power outlet, two voice/data ports (cat. 5), audio port and VGA port inside a 5" diameter wiring box which raises out of the table top, and pops down for concealment. Wiring access from one side of flip-up box only.
  • Pass-through Power/Wiring Hole. An economical alternative, the pass-through wiring hole is simply a channel in the table pedestal in which the customer's own wires, electrical and power cables can be run. The wiring hole is covered by a removable 2" diameter cap.
  • Wiring in Pedestal. When the table design includes a pedestal, the wiring grommet or pop-up box will be centered over the pedestal, concealing wires, electrical and power cables within for a seamless, professional appearance. Many conference rooms include a power outlet in the floor under the table pedestal, making power cables and electrical wires completely invisible.
  • Wiring Column. If the table design does not feature a pedestal, a wiring column is placed between leg plates to conceal wires, electrical and power cables. Click here for photo of a wiring column in an Axis conference table.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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Stoneline Designs, Inc. would like to wish everyone a happy Thanksgiving.  Please stay safe this holiday season while enjoying good food and company with your family and friends.

Today is a special anniversary: Dave joined Stoneline's team of artisans on this day twenty years ago. Dave specializes in wood furniture, and brings decades of experience in fine woodworking techniques to his work. 

Happy anniversary, Dave! Thanks for being an excellent part of the Stoneline team. Here's to many happy returns!



A flash of inspiration is sometimes described as a "light bulb moment." In some cases the light bulb isn't just a metaphor. 

As part of our commitment to sustainable manufacturing principles, Stoneline Designs is working to reduce our total power consumption by 30%. We reached a big percentage of that goal in 2009, thanks to light bulbs. 

This past spring we upgraded all light fixtures in our manufacturing facility. We replaced all the old fixtures and installed high efficiency fluorescent bulbs. With this one change, we've seen our electricity use reduced by over 20%. 

A good idea doesn't have to be radical or strange to work. Sometimes improvements are as simple as changing a light bulb.

A Stoneline by Any Other Name

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This past summer, artist Richard Long held a major retrospective at the Tate Gallery. The exhibition featured a work called "Stone Line".
We here at Stoneline Designs love Long's work. We were delighted to share our name with a piece in his exhibition, even more when we realized that we created a similar installation earlier this year without even trying. A slab of granite (intended for a conference table top) was our medium and an unexpected wind storm was our artist:
 Is it art, or accident? We'll never tell.

Happy Anniversary Stoneline!

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July 2009 marks Stoneline Designs' 21st year in business! Since 1988 we have been proud to offer high end custom office furniture and residential furniture.

President Monte McDermed founded Stoneline in 1988. When the company began we made primarily residential furniture -- dining tables, coffee tables and console tables -- with stone and glass tops. In 1989 we moved to our current location, a hundred-year-old former textile mill in historic Hillsborough North Carolina. In that year we also added our first employees, one of whom still works with Stoneline today.

During the past twenty-one years we have expanded our focus to include office furniture -- conference tables, desks, credenzas and reception desks -- as well as additional pieces for the home like bookshelves, media cabinets, dressers and beds. Today Stoneline includes seven full-time employees and two part-time support staff. We have grown over the years, but the care and attention to detail we bring to our furniture will never change. Our furniture is built by highly skilled artisans, and each piece is still designed by founder Monte McDermed.

So raise a glass to Stoneline on our twenty-first birthday! We're old enough now to have a drink :)