Custom Podiums and Lecterns

Whether you have a large auditorium or a small conference room, a Stoneline Designs custom podium provides an attractive and effective way to address your audience. We can design the perfect stand-alone podium for larger spaces, or we can incorporate a podium into your Stoneline Designs suite of executive office furniture.

Podiums for Large Audiences

We supply stand-alone podiums and lecterns to churches, auditoriums and other large venues. Our sleek, modern designs elevate presentations and events that command a large audience.

We custom design and manufacture every podium in the USA, and work carefully with our clients to understand how their podium will be used to ensure that all presenter and audience needs are met.

Custom Podium

Podiums for Conference Rooms

Tangent Racetrack shape custom conference table by Stoneline Designs. Glass tabletop on steel base.

Have you considered adding a custom podium to your smaller meeting space? A well-placed, well-designed podium can enhance conference room presentations.

Placing a podium with appropriate technology at the head of your conference table facilitates smoother presentations, alleviates presenter stress, and allows all participants to see and hear the presenter. A podium adds formality and gives credibility to your speaker, and allows them to be organized and at ease.

If you are purchasing a Stoneline Designs custom conference table or other executive office furniture, consider adding a podium from the same collection.

Custom Podium Features

A Stoneline Designs Axis Podium with a Walnut base and glass top. Technology parts and an ADA compliant surface are included.
Axis Podium with ADA compliant surface.

When a speaker is comfortable, presentations run smoother. At Stoneline Designs, we carefully design our podiums with the presenter in mind.

We offer ergonomic surfaces for papers and laptops, and ample data ports to support technology. Task lighting and microphone hookups are available. We also offer ADA-compliant podiums with fold-out surfaces for wheelchair users.

View Custom Podiums

We build every Stoneline Designs podium and lectern to order and to match your space as well as your other Stoneline Designs pieces.  Visit our gallery to view examples of custom work we've done for recent clients.

Contact us today to discuss how we can help you begin the process of designing a custom podium for your space.

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