We are fortunate to work and live in a place as beautiful as the Blue Ridge Mountains of Western North Carolina. Known as the High Country, it is an area of remarkable natural beauty that must be protected. To that end, we strive to be good stewards of the land around us. Here are some of the ways that we prioritize the production of sustainable office furniture:

  • We use recycled steel to create our furniture and we recycle all the scrap.
  • Nearly all the wood we use for our tops and cabinetry comes from the Appalachian region around us, whose forests are certified by the USDA as growing at a rate of three trees for every one harvested.
  • Our forges are all heated using propane, which is cleaner burning and more efficient than natural gas.
  • Our powder coat paint system produces less waste and releases far fewer VOCs (volatile organic compounds) than wet paint spray systems.
  • Our on-demand packaging system minimizes cardboard waste.
  • We prioritize using local suppliers. More than 90% of our vendors are located within 100 miles of our factory, further reducing our carbon footprint.
  • We build furniture that lasts for generations. Our products can be repaired, refinished, and even recycled.
The Blue Ridge Mountains in Boone, NC, where Stoneline Designs produces sustainable office furniture.
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