Why Buy American Made Luxury Office Furniture?

Charleston Forge fabrication team

When it comes to choosing Stoneline Designs to build your custom conference table or other executive office furniture, it isn't just about feeling good buying American made products, it's about the service, quality, and confidence you get when dealing with a high-end, domestic manufacturer. It means a smoother, more tailored experience for you, the customer – something that is of paramount importance in a custom-built conference table or other piece of luxury office furniture.

In addition, because almost all of our suppliers are North Carolina companies located within 100 miles of us, we're able to avoid the supply chain issues that have plagued so many manufacturers recently. Our raw materials are not getting stuck in bottlenecks at ports around the country and delaying product delivery.

When it comes down to it, buying American has never been so important for the American economy. It not only enables Stoneline Designs to employ hard-working people in the Blue Ridge Mountains, but it also helps support numerous vendors throughout the region.

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