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Stoneline Designs proudly handcrafts each piece of office furniture that leaves our Boone, North Carolina factory. The furniture you order is custom designed, engineered, and manufactured to your specifications – we don't maintain inventory and we don’t take shortcuts.

This custom approach requires a dedicated and experienced group of designers, engineers and skilled craftspeople with a passion for customer service and the highest standards for quality results. Our design and engineering team will work closely with you each step of the way — ensuring that your custom office furniture is a source of pride for you and your business.

The Stoneline Team

Andy Beekman Stoneline Designs VP

Andy Beekman
Vice President

Holly Miller Stoneline Designs Project Manager

Holly Miller
Project Manager

Tyler May

Tyler May
Product Engineer

AJ Amero

AJ Amero
Team Leader

Carden Lamb

Carden Lamb

Blaize Ward

Blaise Ward

The Design Process

Some clients reach out knowing exactly what they need. Others come to us with general ideas, but require more guidance. Though each client and project is different, the design process remains generally the same. The steps below outline what you can expect from your Stoneline Designs experience:

Step 1: Initial Consultation

The customized service you receive at Stoneline Designs begins with your first conversation with us. Give us a call or fill out our online form and one of our expert designers will reach out to you to discuss your office space and furniture needs. Whether you are ready to order or are just beginning to consider your options, we would love to talk with you!

Step 2: Choose Your Collection

As a starting point, your designer will ask you to browse our collections to see what style most resonates with your space, company identity, and design aesthetic. Though each piece we produce for you will be unique, you can browse our website for furniture we have made in the past. This will give us an excellent idea of what you like and where to start.

The Stoneline Design team walks our clients through each step of the custom furniture design process.

Step 3: Space Planning

We will ask you questions about your space and how you use it. Our designers will discuss your goals and any features of your office space that you would like to showcase (for example, a window with a view, or a piece of art) or obstacles to work around (like a pillar in your conference room, or a doorway that can’t be blocked). Your designer will guide you to take measurements and will size your furniture to make your space functional for your staff and visitors. Our Conference Table Size Guide will shed light on this process.

Step 4: Finishes

Stoneline Designs incorporates a wide variety of finishings in our executive office furniture. Your designer will discuss metal and wood choices and will present you with tabletop and desktop options – from glass, to wood, to granite. We will discuss drawer options for desks and credenzas. Though we call this “the fun part,” we also realize that you are making big decisions that will impact the look and feel of your entire office for years to come. Our experienced designers will walk you through each of your choices and ensure that you create a cohesive design that is both beautiful and functional.

The Stoneline Designs design and engineering team create detailed renderings.

Step 5: Power and Wiring

The Stoneline Designs team will talk to you about your technology needs and will discuss your choices for incorporating power and wiring into your conference table, reception desk, executive desk, or other office furniture. Our Power and Technology Guide will serve as a reference.

Step 6: Engineering

Once you and your designer have determined the size and shape of your furniture and the materials we will be using, the Stoneline Designs engineering team will jump in. They will create renderings of your furniture and troubleshoot any requirements that demand special attention. They will then generate a complete set of drawings for your approval.

Step 7: Manufacturing

Once you have approved your order, the Stoneline Designs team gets to work. Our artisans hand-fabricate the steel bases, order the custom wood, stone, or glass tops, and bring them all together to produce one-of-a-kind pieces to your exact specifications. Our engineers and designers manage this process – guiding our craftspeople and providing quality control throughout the manufacturing process.


Step 8: Delivery and Set Up

When you sign off on your order, we will let you know when to expect to receive your furniture, and when it is completed we will arrange for delivery and set-up. Because our materials are domestically sourced (most are close to our North Carolina factory), we have been able to avoid supply chain issues that have impacted the furniture industry in recent years. Though our custom process takes time, you can look forward to receiving your custom office furniture promptly.

Thinking about purchasing custom office furniture? The Stoneline Designs team will help you each step of the way.

Contact us today to get started.

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