Custom Office Credenzas

Today's modern office features a streamlined, sleek design with minimal visible clutter.

Though heavy cabinetry and oversized armoirs are a thing of the past, we still need spaces to store equipment and materials. A Stoneline Designs custom credenza is the solution - providing flexible storage options that enhance your office's modern look and feel.

When is a Custom Credenza a Good Choice for Your Office?

Every office has its "hot spots" where clutter accumulates and extra storage space is needed. The following are areas where we recommend placement of a credenza:

  • Behind a Reception Desk: Your reception area is your office's first impression. Keep it clutter-free by using a custom credenza to store the supplies and paperwork your front office staff needs.
  • In a Conference Room: A credenza near your conference table can house video equipment, cleaning supplies, and other miscellaneous items that tend to accumulate. During meetings, your credenza can host your food and beverage service or display video screens or handouts.
  • As Part of Your Executive Suite or Home Office:  For a modern, clutter-free executive suite, choose a Stoneline Designs executive desk and pair it with a contemporary custom credenza in the same collection. Not only will your credenza allow you to stay organized and tidy, but it will also provide a beautiful space to display artwork, awards, or other items of significance.
Stoneline Designs modern conference room furniture: credenza, lectern and table from the Crescent Collection with white frosted glass table tops.
Crescent Conference Table, Credenza & Tangent Lectern

What Sets a Stoneline Designs Credenza Apart?

Stoneline Designs modern office credenza from the Crescent Collection. Maple with a honed black granite top.
Crescent Credenza

Like all Stoneline Designs executive office furniture, our custom credenzas employ the creative use of steel, glass, and wood finishes. They are built to stand the test of time both stylistically and functionally.

A Stoneline Designs credenza is designed with your entire office in mind. We will look at your space needs and match your credenza to your Stoneline Designs conference table, executive desk, or reception desk.

We will work with you to determine the size of your credenza, as well as drawer and cabinet configuration.

View Custom Credenzas

We build every Stoneline Designs credenza to order and to match your space as well as your other Stoneline Designs pieces. The combination of size, shape, and cabinetry is virtually limitless. Visit our credenza gallery to view examples of custom work we've done for recent clients.

Contact us today to discuss how we can help you begin the process of designing a custom credenza for your space.

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